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Facts worth knowing about KRAIBURG rubber floorings / mats for cows, bulls and calves

Claw health

Healthy claws are profitable
Healthy claws are profitable

Claw health is the most important factor in the profitability of a dairy cow. Good claw health requires comfortable walking areas on top of management issues like feeding and regular claw trimming.

Blueish or yellow-red colourings and haemorrhaging are typical signs of sub-clinical laminitis.

Landwirtschaftsverlag GmbH, top agrar Fachbuch „Klauenprobleme schneller lösen“, 2003

Sub-clinical laminitis –
a precursor to many complications

Sub-clinical laminitis is quite common in dairy herds. However, affected animals are not strictly considered lame. What is clear is that metabolic
disorders weaken the corium. Hard floors and misalignments of the claw can lead to pressure peaks. The additional mechanical load favours punctual bruising of the weakened corium. This is considered a primary cause of complications like sole ulcers, double sole or white line disease.

Fürll et al., 2011; Bergsten, 2003

KRAIBURG KURA – soft flooring as the best preventive

Rubber flooring has a positive effect in cases of sub-clinical laminitis. Soft flooring relieves pressure and reduces punctual bruising of the weakened corium. The affected animals can also move without pain and will walk towards feed more often – which is important for healthy metabolism and claws!

Fürll et al., 2011; Bergsten, 2003

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