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Facts worth knowing about KRAIBURG rubber floorings / mats for cows, bulls and calves

Dry walking areas

Resilient skin due to dry walking areas
Resilient skin due to dry walking areas

Healthy, intact skin in the claw area provides crucial protection against infectious claw diseases such as digital dermatitis and interdigital phlegmon (panaritium). It is therefore necessary to keep the walking areas – and thereby the claws – as dry and clean as possible. In addition to the frequent cleaning frequency, an integrated slope in the walking alley has a supporting effect – because it dissipates liquids quickly and promotes drying of the surface.

KRAIBURG rubber flooring allows for a slope in the walking alley

Proven system: cross slope with urine-collecting gutter

Urine quickly drains off by means of a concreted cross slope of approximately 3 % with a central urine-collecting gutter and walking areas stay drier overall. Better sure-footedness requires rubber flooring, ideally with corundum for additional grip. This solution has been recognised in Switzerland for years as an emission-reducing floor system.

Compared to conventional paved / concrete walking
areas, an emission reduction of approximately 20 %
can be achieved thanks to this solution with a two-hour scraper frequency (Zähner et al., 2017).

All in one mat: slope, drainage and optiGrip surface

With profiKURA 3D, a slope of about 3 % towards the walking alley centre is achieved by installing the mat. This way, walking alleys can be concreted flat in the same way as conventional walking alleys. This solution is therefore also suitable for retrofitting in existing barns. As the flooring has no deep profiling, it is easy to clean with the scraper.

At the same time, the proven soft-abrasive profiKURA
surface provides the necessary sure-footedness even
in the case of smear layer formation in very dry floor

"The cross slope to the central guide is a simple and clean system! Because the flooring has no deep profile, the scraper achieves excellent cleaning results. In addition, the profiKURA surface gives the cows very good grip."

Martina and Ludwig Ober, Burgkirchen, Germany:
paved / concrete walking areas with slope to central guide and profiKURA

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Resilient skin due to dry walking areas

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