Facts worth knowing about KRAIBURG rubber floorings / mats for cows, bulls and calves

Dry walking areas

Dry walking areas – resilient skin
Dry walking areas – resilient skin

Healthy, intact skin in the claw area provides crucial protection against infectious claw diseases such as digital dermatitis and interdigital phlegmon (panaritium). It is therefore necessary to keep the walking areas – and thereby the claws – as dry and clean as possible. This can be best achieved through an integrated slope in the walking alley to allow liquids to run off and help keep the surfaces dry. In order to ensure sufficient slip-resistance for the animals, rubber flooring is essential.

KRAIBURG rubber flooring allows for a slope in the walking alley

Drain channel mat RIMA promotes dry claws

The large, pleasantly soft walking surface between
the channels provides a slope of 4 % with light
profiling that allows urine to run off quickly. The
"comb"-scraper with fitted cleaning lip achieves
optimum cleaning results.

The surface contains corundum, proven to ensure necessary grip in dry floor conditions. This supports physiological claw abrasion. The mats also reduce ammonia emissions through the quick separation of dung and urine.

Another option: cross slope with urine-collecting gutter

Here the urine quickly drains off by means of a cross
slope with a central urine collecting gutter and walking areas stay drier overall. Better sure-footedness requires rubber flooring, ideally with corundum for additional grip. It can reduce ammonia emissions by 20 %.

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"Due to the softness, the cows can walk safely and without pain again, and they also get more exercise. The floor is drier and cleaner with the RIMA
drain channel mat. The claws are also significantly drier than before."

Josef Ettenhuber, Eggstätt, Germany: paved / concrete walking areas with RIMA

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