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Facts worth knowing about KRAIBURG rubber floorings / mats for cows, bulls and calves

Claw form when kept on soft-abrasive walking areas

optimal claw form for cows: high bulbs, claw angle of 50 degrees and dorsal wall length of 7.5 cmNatural walking behaviour means:

  • high activity level

  • physiological gait length, walking speed and weight distribution


consistent physiological claw form with a claw angle of about 50° and high bulbs

→ optimal weight distribution and little danger of infection

Prerequisite for correct claw form in the cubicle house:

soft-abrasive walking areas like the pediKURA system or profiKURA

→ simulate the abrasion in nature with the incorporated abrasive agent corundum and a special surface profile

Claw examinations on the pediKURA system (20 % of the walking area is covered with pediKURA) indicate: 1,2,3)

  • Produktbild pediKURA und schematische Darstellung von Klauenabriebconsistent claw angle

  • good claw angle with a high bulb

  • outer claw (longer by nature) with no pressure ulcer

  • slightly raised bearing rim

  • less haemorrhages

  • less Mortellaro

Average claw angle on a pediKURA experimental farm 1)

chart with development of claw angle from October to April on a pediKURA experimental farm

InfoFurther development of the pediKURA system: profiKURA

  • optimized claw abrasion throughout the cattle house

  • received the Austrian animal welfare label


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