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Facts worth knowing about KRAIBURG rubber floorings / mats for cows, bulls and calves

Emission reduction:

potential solutions

Reduction of ammonia emissions

Urine on walking areas is the main source of ammonia formation in the barn. It is therefore necessary to dissipate it quickly (via a slope, smooth surface, etc.). On hard ground animals tend to slip quickly.

Our rubber mats specially developed to reduce emissions also offer animal-friendly softness as well as the necessary grip and promote dry claws!


How can ammonia emissions be reduced?

  • rapid urine draining combined with frequent cleaning
  • minimizing of soiled surfaces, e.g. elevated feed stalls (see LENTA »)

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Proven option: cross slope with urine-collecting gutter

  • Urine quickly drains off

  • Walking areas stay drier overall

Concreted slope with urine-collecting gutter and profiKURA P walking alley mat

Results from the experimental dairy housing Agroscope, Tänikon, CH

20 % less ammonia

compared to conventional paved / concrete walking areas

*sources: Zähner et al., 2017; picture: Agroscope, 2016

Disadvantage: slope has to be concreted

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Laufgang mit Gefälle und Harnsammelrinne mit KRAIBURG Laufgangmatte

NEW: profiKURA 3D with integrated slope

All in one mat:
slope, drainage and optimized slip resistance

With profiKURA 3D, a slope of about 3 % is achieved by installing the mat

emission reduction with profiKURA 3D rubber flooring with integrated slopelle am Laufgang mit KRAIBURG Laufgangmatte profiKURA

Advantage: walking alleys can be concreted flat in the same way as conventional walking alleys

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Laufgang mit Gefälle und Harnsammelrinne mit KRAIBURG Laufgangmatte