Facts worth knowing about KRAIBURG rubber floorings / mats for cows, bulls and calves

Emission reduction:

potential solutions

Reduction of ammonia emissions

Many countries have committed themselves to reduce ammonia emissions. These are mainly caused by agriculture. Cattle husbandry accounts for the largest share of this. Apart from slurry storage and application, housing construction measures are coming into focus more and more.

However, there are currently no concrete guidelines for implementation. Moreover, animal welfare should not be ignored. Possible solutions often contain several components. The success of a system also depends heavily on housing management. Measures combining both environmental protection and animal welfare will become interesting in the near future.

How does ammonia develop in the cow house?

The urea in the urine is split into ammonia and carbon dioxide by the enzyme urease within a short time. Important factors besides the house climate are the floor condition and its cleanliness.

How can ammonia emissions be reduced?

  • rapid urine drainage, associated with frequent cleaning
  • minimized soiled surfaces, e.g. elevated feed stalls (see LENTA »)

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Results from the experimental dairy housing Agroscope, Tänikon, CH

Ammonia reduction with KRAIBURG walkway floorings
20 % less ammonia

*sources: Zähner, Poteko, Zeyer, Schrade, 2017; Schrade, Steiner, 2012; picture: Agroscope, 2016

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Laufgang mit Gefälle und Harnsammelrinne mit KRAIBURG Laufgangmatte

Results from laboratory tests in the Netherlands

EMIRA - slatted floor mat
Amonnia emission figures

compared to the Dutch standard

47 % weniger Ammoniak-Emissionen vom Laufgang durch KRAIBURG Spaltenauflage EMIRA

Quelle: Meet-ID report 2019-01

Trockene Klaue auf KRAIBURG EMIRA schlitzreduzierende Spaltenbodenauflage im Laufgang

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