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Field reports / testimonials on KRAIBURG rubber floorings for livestock housing

Saves time on mucking out

Baumann-Wetzlmaier farm, Tarsdorf, Austria, POLSTA

The Baumann-Wetzlmaier farm is home to 50 cows. Some of the deep litter cubicles have been retrofitted with POLSTA deep litter cubicle cushions.

“We realised that we could install them quickly and easily in every deep litter cubicle. They are fixed at the front of our existing cubicles, so no alterations are necessary.

In the deep litter cubicles, we always had the problem that a stable mattress did not build up in the front area. Despite trying the popular options of a straw and chalk mix or compost in the lying areas, the mattresses did not last.

If we slipped a few days behind, the cows would soon be lying on concrete again at the front. The POLSTA is the perfect solution to the problem. It replaces the bedding layer exactly where we need it. It is comfortable and soft. It also saves us time on daily mucking out.”