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Facts worth knowing about KRAIBURG rubber floorings / mats for cows, bulls and calves

KRAIBURG focus: kompaktes Fachwissen zur Rinderhaltung vom Spezialisten für Stallmatten aus Gummi

The ideal combination of elevated
cubicle and deep bedded cubicle?

Consistently high lying comfort, especially at work peaks in summer, is not always easy to maintain in the classic deep bedded cubicle. Unfortunately, this directly has negative effects on the lying behaviour of
the cows. However, some farms do not want to miss the advantages of the deep bedded cubicle. In this case, they often go for the maxiBOX system, combining elevated cubicle and deep bedded cubicle.

Cow relaxes in the maxiBOX

Basic softness despite reduced amount of bedding

The rubber matting offers constant softness, even if bedding sometimes falls short. maxiBOX is regularly provided with about 3 - 5 cm of bedding. Loose and dry bedding is better retained by the U-shaped rubber profiling. This also makes it possible to apply a straw-manure mattress system. An integrated slope, drainage grooves and openings in the rear profile facilitate liquid drainage flow.

Gentle positioning and free space to the front

Chamfered and rounded bars at the front and at the rear as well as between the cubicles provide gentle
of the cow. maxiBOARD gives the cows free space to the front and allows them to adopt the popular lying position with forelegs stretched out.

maxiBOX with effective length for lying of 1.90 m or 2.05 m

KRAIBURG maxiBOX dimensions