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Facts worth knowing about KRAIBURG rubber floorings / mats for cows, bulls and calves

Brisket board in the cow house

The brisket board is supposed to prevent cows from sliding too far into their cubicles, because that causes problems in getting up. The brisket board must not restrict natural lying positions or the lying rhythm. Constraining lying increases the risk of lying injuries and claw diseases.

Important for animal health:

  • uninhibited freedom of movement: all the various natural lying positions must be possible
  • by shifting weight, optimal blood circulation to the hide areas underneath the body is maintained
Cows in the pasture take many different positions during their natural lying phases

natural lying behaviour of cows in the pasture

Source: Natural lying behaviour acc. to PELZER et al. (2007): “Cows and more, what do cows tell us“


  • rigid brisket boards should not be higher than about 10 - 12 cm above the floor level (measured in front of the lying mat)
  • rounded on upper side
    → comfortable stretching of the front leg over the brisket board must be possible

elastic brisket board ergoBOARD

Tip: elastic brisket board ergoBOARD: the cow has no impediments to stretching out its front leg, shifting its weight, relieving hide areas on its lower side and lying relaxed


Lying positions „stretching out front leg" is hardly possible

unsuitable brisket board can hurt cows

Unsuitable brisket board: the cow has bald spots in the front joint areas

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