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Facts worth knowing about KRAIBURG rubber floorings / mats for cows, bulls and calves

Renovation lying areas with mushroom dividers

The mushroom divider is an older divider construction type and still can be found in many old cattle houses for this reason. These dividers are still in demand nowadays. They are not cantilevered, so pockets must be cut into the cover for the pipes, e.g. for continuous rolls.

The following example shows a solution with small WINGFLEX single mats. In this case, the pockets are not cut into the mat, but rather into the wide profiles used. This way the mats stay intact and can also be used for another installation – e.g. when exchanging dividers.

Before renovation:

cubicles with mushroom dividers in cow house before renovation with KRAIBURG WINGFLEX rubber mats zoom at mushroom dividers foot oncrete cubicle in dairy cow house

After renovation:

cubicle row with mushroom dividers in dairy cow house after renovation with KRAIBURG WINGFLEX rubber mats zoom at mushroom dividers adapted profiles for installing WINGFLEX lying mats

WINGFLEX mats with wide profiles were installed:

WINGFLEX lying mats are laid out between mushroom dividers on cows´ cubicles

the cubicle row is completely covered with the mats

When installing WINGFLEX mats keep 3 cm distance from rear concrete edge

from the rear concrete edge the installation distance is marked and the mats are aligned to it

The distance between the WINGFLEX cubicle mats for dairy cows for installation profiles is determined with the KRAIBURG assembling tool

the distances for the profiles are determined

when installing WINGFLEX cubicle mats for dairy cows with mushroom dividers are cut to fit at the edge WINGFLEX mat´s edge is cut to fit for mushroom dividers on dairy cows´cubicles 

if necessary, mats are marked and cut to fit

WINGFLEX profiles are cut out exactly for fitting the mushroom dividers

then the pockets for the pipes are marked on the profiles and cut out

WINGFLEX profiles are inserted exactly between the cubicle mats and the mushroom dividers

then the profiles are inserted exactly

when installing WINGFLEX profiles with mushroom dividers additional countersinks are set

since the profiles are divided, an additional countersink must be set for fastening

WINGFLEX profiles are fixed at each countersink first

the profiles are fixed at each countersink, the screws are not yet fastened tight

WINGFLEX profiles are fastened tight when installing WINGFLEX cubicle mats

now all pre-installed screws are fastened tight

WINGFLEX cubicle mats are fastened two times at the front edge

then the mats are fastened 2 times at the front edge

The WINGFLEX lying mats are fastened with profiles at the edge of the cubicle row

the mat edges of both outer mats are fastened afterwards with profiles

ergoBOARD brisket boards are installed in front of the WINGFLEX mats on the bottom of the cubicle row

finally ergoBOARDS are installed at the front mat edges as brisket boards



WINGFLEX: for dairy cows in elevated cubiclesKRAIBURG WINGFLEX Liegematte aus Gummi für Kühe in Hochboxen

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