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Facts worth knowing about KRAIBURG rubber floorings / mats for cows, bulls and calves

Renovation calving area

For a stress-free and healthy calving, cow, calf and caregiver need the following things:

  • size of calving pen: minimum 4 x 4 m
  • good care of the cow
    • sufficiently large sized drinking bowl
    • easy access to feed
  • floor: clean, dry, slip-resistant and soft
    • should be easy and fast to clean
  • after each calving: changing of litter for optimal hygiene!


KRAIBURG VITA mat system for the calving pen


  • for calving pen / selection area

  • three-layer structure (rubber-foam-rubber)

→ softness and slip resistance for cow, calf and farmer

  • litter material is only necessary for absorbing liquids


  • approx. 50 dairy cows

  • elevated cubicles with KEW Plus and KKM

  • slatted floor with pediKURA S system

  • milking parlour with KURA Flex

Before and after renovation

calving pen before renovation with 3-layer mat system KRAIBURG VITA

calving pen after renovation with 3-layer mat system KRAIBURG VITA







The three-layer system VITA was installed in the calving area:

 the border of the calving pen is laid out with frame profiles

first, the border of the area is laid out with frame profiles

The frame profiles are fixed with framing plugs

afterwards the frame profiles are fixed

the area of the calving pen is filled with cup-formed lower mats

the next step is to fill in the complete area with lower mats...

foam parts are placed on top of the lower mats

...then foam parts are placed on the lower mats

As third layer the jointless top cover is rolled out in the calving pen

and now the top covering is rolled out...

the top cover is now positioned right in the calving pen...and positioned

The covering strips are placed onto the top cover as border

after that, covering strips are placed on the top covering

The covering strips are fastened with screws

finally the covering strips are fastened on the top covering with spax screws

Farmer Leopold Hollersbacher:

"You can notice that the cows feel very good on the system. They are fitter after calving and they immediately stand up to lick their calf. The animals enjoy using the VITA for calving. Some of them even push us as they want to be lead into the calving box just before birth.

The system enables a good hygiene when calving. Furthermore you need considerably less litter material than previously on concrete."

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