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Facts worth knowing about KRAIBURG rubber floorings / mats for cows, bulls and calves

KRAIBURG is "continuously monitored" by the DLG

Dr. Reubold – test engineer of the DLG – (middle) randomly selects one mat in our storageThe part to be used for the test is marked on the selected matthe marked part has been cut out off the mat, wrapped and handed over to Dr. Reubold

We were the first company to label their products with this new seal. Now we open our doors every year to be tested for continuous product and production quality by the DLG – again this year in May.

DLG test seal "continuously monitored": PAH test passed and manufacturing process certification for KRAIBURG rubber floorings for animal housesThese controls cover the entire manufacturing process from raw material to finished product. Both the quality measures from the DLG tests, and our environmental compatibility are inspected during ongoing production. This occurs with a random test that takes place every year.

We act responsibly – practiced environmental and consumer protection!

KRAIBURG review in DLG test report – key facts at a glance:

KRAIBURG review in DLG test report - key facts at a glance

Source: DLG test report 6890 "Manufacturing process certification, PAH test"

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