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Facts worth knowing about KRAIBURG rubber floorings / mats for cows, bulls and calves

For best animal comfort in the cattle house – successful for 10 years now

KRAIBURG rubber floorings celebrate anniversary:

Nearly one million cows worldwide are lying on WINGFLEX…KRAIBURG comfort cubicle mat WINGFLEX for maximum lying comfort in the  cow house

...and for a good reason: The mat offers maximum lying comfort and is also economically interesting! The resilience of about 4 cm is achieved by inclined wings at the bottom. Due to special supporting studs between, the loads are also optimally cushioned when lying down.

flexible brisket board KRAIBURG ergoBOARD for comfortable lying in the cow houseergoBOARD – comfortable lying with free space to the front

The flexible brisket board has two decisive advantages. On the one hand, it prevents painful bumping with the carpal joints when lying down. On the other hand, the animals can comfortably stretch out their front legs while lying.

walking alley mat KRAIBURG pediKURA for soft claw abrasionpediKURA – soft abrasion for the claw

With the pediKURA system KRAIBURG invented the first walking area mat with the abrasive agent corundum in the surface. These soft abrasion zones combine animal-friendly walking and selective, natural claw abrasion. As a modular system, the pediKURA mats are combined at a ratio of 20:80 with the KURA mats.

KRAIBURG LOSPA swiss slatted floor covering made of rubber for fattening bullsLOSPA swiss – economic comfort for fattening bulls

The sturdy LOSPA swiss has been proven to improve the health and feed conversion of fattening bulls. Thus, it is regarded as an animal-friendly and economically efficient alternative addition to conventional concrete slatted floors. In Switzerland and Lower Saxony, there are already obligatory requirements for soft lying areas in bull fattening.

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