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News about KRAIBURG animal house floorings made of rubber

More active animals with higher daily weight gain

Engeli farm, Engishofen, Switzerland, LOSPA swiss

Oliver Engeli has a bull fattening farm with 350 animals. He keeps his bulls in fully-slatted pens, which have been covered since 1999 with the KRAIBURG slatted floor covering LOSPA swiss.

“First we covered half within the pens with LOSPA. There we could observe a clear preference for the soft lying areas. So lower rank animals were not discriminated, I did soon cover the pens completely. So all animals benefit from the improved heat insulation and feel visibly more comfortable.

Getting up is easier due to improved slip resistance and is gentle on the carpal joints. With soft floors animal culling due to injuries from falling practically does not happen anymore. The animals are more vital and active, even the daily weight gain has improved in the average of many years. The investment has, besides animal welfare, paid off under the aspect of economic efficiency.”