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News about KRAIBURG animal house floorings made of rubber

Healthier animals and higher slaughtering weight on KURA S

Wilger farm, Velen, Germany, KURA S

Mister Wilger operates a calf fattening farm since 1970 with approx. 1,800 animals at the moment. The calves are kept in fully slatted pens with bongossi floor. Since 2011 some pens have been covered with KURA S as a test, in 2015 a whole calf house for 870 veal calves was retrofitted with KURA S.

“By covering the 8 year old bongossi grates with KURA S, the wear of the wooden planks can be reduced and thus their life period increases. This kills three birds with one stone: The animals are healthier and grow better, they have a higher slaughtering weight at the end of the fattening period due to the rubber mats and I can use my bongossi grates for a longer time.

The cleaning time is significantly shorter now and the consumption of water has also decreased considerably because only a thin layer of dung forms on the mats. The saving is about 20 liters of water per feeding place at the end of the fattening period. Because of the lower water consumption less water flows through the slatted floor into the slurry. This also saves additional costs for the disposal of the slurry.”