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Facts worth knowing about KRAIBURG rubber floorings / mats for cows, bulls and calves

Calf rearing: Renovation of slatted floors

In the following example the concrete slatted floor (3 cm slit width) has been covered with the soft rubber covering KURA S and therefore fulfills the following legal requirements:

German regulation for keeping calves on slatted floors (TierSchNutztV § 6):

  • foot-sure & slip-resistant floor
  • lying area: should avoid heat dissipation
  • floor must not pose a risk for claw and joint injuries
  • allowed slit width:
    • concrete: 2.5 cm
    • elastic covering: 3 cm


Before renovation

Before renovation the slit width in the concrete slatted floor was 3 cm which is not allowed in calf rearing

After renovation

The concrete slatted floor was covered with tailor-made KRAIBURG KURA S rubber mats, 3 cm slit width in rubber flooring is allowed in calf rearing

KURA S mats were installed on the slatted floor:

The pictures show how KRAIBURG KURA S slatted floor coverings are installed, they are fastened with rubber pegs

The tailor-made mats are exactly laid and fastened on the rubber floorings.

This is how the tailor-made manufacturing of the slatted floor covers works:
Measure slatted floorwith CAD software the slatted floor coverings are individually dimensionedthe slatted floor coverings made of rubber are cut out with water jet technologyindividually tailor-made slatted floor coverings have been produced
slatted floor is measured

with modern CAD software the mats are individually

based on the CAD created drawing, the slits are cut exactly into the mats with innovative water jet technology


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