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Facts worth knowing about KRAIBURG rubber floorings / mats for cows, bulls and calves

Cleaning of milking parlour mats

In order to fully benefit from the potential of KRAIBURG mats, regular and thorough cleaning is required (comparable to the maintenance of technical equipment / machines). This ensures that the mats remain slip-resistant and hygienic for a long time.

cow in the milking parlour standing on KURA rubber mat

Targets of the cleaning concept:

  • good and lasting cleanliness and hygiene
  • keep cleaning effort and costs within reasonable limits
  • maintain the function of the floor in the long term

Classification of soiling into three categories:

Coarse dirt:
dung-urine mixture

Organic soiling:
dung, milk, fat, protein, dip

Mineral soiling:
lime incrustations, rust, urine, …

coarse dirt on KRAIBURG milking parlour mat

organic soiling on KRAIBURG milking parlour mat

mineral soiling on KRAIBURG milking parlour mat

Mechanical cleaning with water

  • push off / rinse away
    coarse dirt
  • ideally with a high-pressure

Using alkaline foam cleaners

  • have a high degreasing power, good dirt-binding capacity

Using acidic foam cleaners

  • dissolve mineral deposits,
    mostly contain disinfecting

KRAIBURG Info IconTip: 

Apply cleaning agent via a foam lance on the high-pressure cleaner.

Cleaning routine recommended by KRAIBURG:

date fixed cleaning appoints in the calendar

thoroughly clean the mats with a high-pressure cleaner after milking

Every 2–3 weeks:
implement foam cleaning
› use alkaline and acidic foam cleaners alternately

KRAIBURG Info IconTip: draw up an individual cleaning concept

  • adapt it to the individual conditions, e.g. water hardness, type of soiling, …
  • develop a clear routine procedure (keep report / checklist)
  • implement it on a regular basis – important for hygiene and function
    › hygiene costs time and money, but no / bad hygiene costs much more!

cow in the milking parlour standing on profiKURA rubber mat

KRAIBURG Achtung IconPlease note before using
cleaning agents:

  • follow the instructions on the enclosed product/safety
    data sheet (correct handling, dilution, exposure time, ...)
  • wear personal protective equipment:
    safety goggles, gloves, apron, ...
  • use agents that are gentle on the material and check
    compatibility (rubber, zinc, milking equipment, ...)
    The following applies to compatibility with rubber mats
    in general:
    KRAIBURG rubber mats have a very high resistance to cleaning agents (high-quality raw material from tyre granulate)
  • waste water disposal: into the municipal sewage treatment plant or in accordance with the respective legal provisions

icons protective equipment by using cleaning agents for milking parlour mats

This is a recommendation based on our own experience. KRAIBURG accepts no liability for the accuracy, completeness or current validity of the information provided. We are not liable for direct or indirect damage. In particular, we are not liable for violations of legal provisions. KRAIBURG reserves the right to make changes to the information provided without prior notice.

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Download KRAIBURG cleaning recommendation for milking parlour mats as PDF file:  

Cleaning of KRAIBURG milking parlour mats

Tips for cleaning:

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