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Facts worth knowing about KRAIBURG rubber floorings / mats for cows, bulls and calves

Installation – easy and fast

Preparations for installation:

Please note these important requirements:

  • concrete surface fulfills certain criteria 
    (see prerequisites of the separate installation instructions)
  • dimensions of cubicles comply with the standard

  • mats have an even temperature: minimum 5 °C and maximum 30 °C

Mattentemperatur bei der Montage beachten: mind 5 bis max. 30 Grad Celsius

KRAIBURG Info IconIf temperatures are below 5 °C, it might be necessary to store the mats for several days in the building, so that the necessary even installation temperature is attained.

Installation tips – in short:

Do not make bulges or compress mats - avoid pressure buildup:

KRAIBURG Gummimatten bei der Montage locker aneinander legenadjoin mats loosely

KRAIBURG Puzzlematten bei der Montage leicht auseinander ziehenjoin puzzle mats loosely, lift them slightly and gently pull them apart

Avoid pressure buildup! 

KRAIBURG Puzzlematten bei der Montage nicht pressen DO NOT PRESS! 

KRAIBURG Puzzlematten bei der Montage nicht einseitig ziehenDO NOT PULL ON ONE SIDE ONLY!

At low temperatures: pull the puzzle seam so far apart that an opening becomes visible

Important because of rubberspecific thermal expansion.


KRAIBURG WINGFLEX und KEW Plus bei Montage Mattenabstand mit Montagelehre einrichten

to install loosely set distance between mats by means of the assembling tool (wider than profile)

indent assembling tool approx. 20 cm

KRAIBURG Info IconTip: 

A pliers construction can be helpful in laying out, i.e. pulling mats (especially KURA P).

Beim Einbau von KRAIBURG Puzzlematten kann eine Zangenkonstruktion hilfreich sein

Comply to distances and joints

Lying mats:

distance to rear concrete edge: minimum 3 cm 



can be installed flush with the rear concrete edge, because the mat and profile are especially designed for that.

KRAIBURG WINGFLEX Liegematte kann auch bündig mit der hinteren Betonkante verlegt werden


keep at least 5 cm distance to rear concrete edge, as the distance will decrease considerably within the first days after installation.

Bei der Montage von KRAIBURG WELA LongLine Liegematte mindestens 5 cm Abstand von der hinteren Betonkante halten

Walking alley floorings

distance to guiding rail (scraper): minimum 1 cm

Bei der Montage von KRAIBURG Laufgangmatten 1 cm Abstand zur Führungsrinne halten

distance to side edge: 2 cm
(minimum 1 cm to maximum 6 cm)

Bei der Montage von KRAIBURG Laufgangmatten 2 cm Abstand vom seitlichen Rand halten

Floorings in the milking parlour

distance to the pit: 1 cm

Bei der Montage von KRAIBURG Gummimatten im Melkstand 1 cm Abstand zur Melkgrube halten

distance to side edge: 2-4 cm

Bei der Montage von KRAIBURG Gummimatten im Melkstand 2-4 cm Abstand zur seitlichen Wand halten



KRAIBURG Info IconTip:

A pliers construction can be helpful in laying out, i.e. pulling mats (especially KURA P).

Zangenkonstruktion hilfreich beim Ziehen von großen Matten beim Einbau 

Special areas with KURA mats:
Especially wide areas: 

KRAIBURG Info IconTip:

To make the stress free installation even easier, we recommend dividing large areas evenly and leaving an expansion gap of up to 2 cm at least every 12 m.

Flushing manure removal: 

distance between mats: 1-2 cm

Bei der Montage von KRAIBURG Stallgummimatten mit Flushing-Entmistung zwischen den Matten 1-2 cm Abstand halten 

distance to side edge: 1-6 cm

Bei der Montage von KRAIBURG Stallgummimatten 2 cm Abstand vom seitlichen Rand halten


  • bend mats / pull them slightly apart
  • moisten blade lightly for cutting
  • lay a board underneath - scoring - cutting

KRAIBURG Gummi-Matten zum Schneiden Brett unterlegen und anritzen 

Bei KRAIBURG Gummi-Matten zum Schneiden biegen / leicht auseinander ziehen  

KRAIBURG Info IconTip:

To pull apart, grip small pieces with pliers.

Tipp zum Schneiden von KRAIBURG Gummi-Matten: zum Auseinander ziehen kleine Stücke mit einer Zange greifen

KRAIBURG Info IconFor cutting pediKURA and profiKURA a power jig saw is most suitable.

Follow this sequence:

Bohren: Schritt 1 beim Befestigen von KRAIBURG Stallgummimatten


Kunststoffdübel bündig einschlagen zum Befestigen von KRAIBURG Stallgummimattenkorrekt eingeschlagener Kunststoffdübel: bündig mit der Matte

pound the plastic plugs in flush

Nagel einschlagen zum Befestigen von KRAIBURG StallgummimattenSchraube und Unterlegscheibe einschrauben zum Befestigen von KRAIBURG Stallgummimatten

pound in nails / fasten screws (with washers)

KRAIBURG Achtung IconWith mastic asphalt:
Use longer nail plugs  (10×120mm)!

KRAIBURG Info IconTip: pulling the drill out at regular intervals during drilling extracts the dust from the hole

Pound in nail plugs, i.e. fasten screws, until they are seated evenly fast and are slightly countersunk

KRAIBURG Info IconTip:

Check to see if the fastening can be felt with a flat object made of metal (e.g. hammer) by sliding it over the fastening. If it can be felt, pound it in deeper!

Nageldübel bzw. Schrauben prüfen ob sie gleichmäßig versenkt sind: mit Hammer darüber streifen


kleiner Spalt muss sichtbar sein zwischen KRAIBURG Stallgummimatte und Hammer

A small gap should be visible! 

KRAIBURG Achtung IconDo not pound fastenings in too deep / do not overtighten!

No tension should develop; the mat should not bulge!

Befestigung nicht zu stark einschlagen, die KRAIBURG Stallgummimatte darf sich nicht wölben


Tools for installation – examples


  • measuring stick
  • tape measure


  • felt tip pen, marker
  • wax marking pen
  • chalk

recommendation, e.g.: edding 4000 deco marker yellow or white

KRAIBURG Info IconTip:

to mark long lines make a chalk line, e.g. for mat positioning


  • mat cutting:
    • carpet knife
    • sharp kitchen knife
    • power jig saw with serrated blade (for board/soft materials)
    • hole saw (established sizes: 83 mm, 102 mm)
  • cutting profiles:
    • power jig saw with saw blade for wood and plastic
    • hand saw

recommendation, e.g.: circular saw

KRAIBURG Info IconTip:

Use old jigsaw blades, grind saw teeth to a sharp blade.


  • rock drill:
    • diameter: e.g. 10 mm for 10 mm plugs
    • Minimum drill length:
      • 100 mm for 80 mm plugs
      • 120 mm for 100 mm plugs
      • 140 mm for 120 mm plugs

Installing nail and framing plugs:

  • hammer (weight of about 800 g generally sufficient)
  • 13 ring wrench or power screw driver
  • 13 socket with ratchet wrench

For further guidelines for correct installation, please have a loot at the installation instructions for the respective product.

  • They are available in many languages.
  • you will obtain these with the delivery, at your local KRAIBURG dealer or at the Downloads
  • For many products you can also watch installation videos

Proper installation can vary due to individual conditions at the site. For this reason, the manufacturer can fundamentally not be held liable for the installation!