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Field reports / testimonials on KRAIBURG rubber floorings for livestock housing

The animals walk very sure-footedly

Jäger farm, Pirach, Germany, profiKURA S

On Johann Jäger's farm, his 100 cows originally stood on concrete, until it became too smooth and they could no longer walk safely. On a recommendation from his claw trimmer, Johann decided to install rubber mats in the walking alleys, and profiKURA S mats were fitted on the slatted floor in 2014.

“In comparison to the concrete slatted floor, the cows move very safely on the profiKURA S mats. I often watch them running fast and jumping around. It shows that they feel very safe, they can walk without discomfort and very sure-footedly on the mats.

For me, that is key to smooth operation of the two milking robots. When it comes to significantly improved claw health too, rubber is the only alternative in my mind.”