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KEW Plus TarsaCare mattress systems

ca. 6 cm / ca. 7 cm



Mattress system with pliant tarsal zone

  • 3-layer composition – proven since 2004
    › ideal and permanent softness for every load condition
    › gentle on carpal joints
    › integrated soft slope: promotes drying off of the surface
    › chamfer: gentle on animal joints, no stumbling edge
    › sealing lips: surround the foam inlay and the lower mat, the foam is protected
  • Specially designed TarsaCare tarsal zone in the rear third of the mat
    › sensitive ankle joints are gently positioned
    › better air circulation keeps the skin drier
    › even small amounts of bedding are held in place – supports the organic layer structure
    › improved sure-footedness, especially when getting up and when leaving the cubicle

  • Longer lying length of 1.92 m: more freedom when lying, lying down and standing up
    › reduces oblique lying and improves lying positions
    › therefore significantly more tails in the cubicle than with shorter lying lengths
    › cows and lying areas are noticeably cleaner
    › in most cases, there is no need for a brisket board

Soft and stable

  • excellent deformability and adaption
  • proven quality since 2004
  • Skin-friendly and gentle on the joints
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to install

Single mat: suitable for cantilever dividers and mushroom dividers

LongLine continuous roll system:
suitable for cantilever dividers only

Available in 2 different options:

KRAIBURG KEW Plus TarsaCare cubicle mat / cow mattress availabel as single mat and continuous roll system

More animal welfare & less work

Consistently high milk yield requires animal-friendly housing methods.

Regarding the lying areas, this means comfortable, non-slip and clean cubicles in which the cows like to spend more than half the day in a relaxed position. This protects the joints, relieves the claws and thus increases animal welfare.

On soft KRAIBURG lying mat




after 15 months on KEW Plus

Source: Mathis, 2006

On soft KRAIBURG lying mat

ca. 1.5 kg MORE MILK

per cow per day

(compared to hard rubber mat)

Source: LfL Sachsen, 1999 

With KRAIBURG lying mat



per cow per year

(compared to classic deep bedded cubicle with straw)

Source: Heidenreich, 2007


KRAIBURG Liegematten aus Gummi betten das Kuhgelenk weich und trocken

KEW Plus TarsaCare (single mat with bar)


Thickness: ca. 6 cm
Width (adjustable with connecting bar) × length
120/125/130 cm × 192 cm


KRAIBURG Stallmatten: einfache und schnelle Montage

Installation with connecting bar
  • The system is joined to each other via connecting bars
  • The bars have different widths so that the cubicle width can be adjusted 

KRAIBURG KEW Plus Komfortmatte wird mit Verbindungsprofil montiert

  • at the front edge and the connecting bars 
  • prefabricated fixing points ease installation

You can find detailed information on this in the installation instructions and at Installation & maintenance

KEW Plus TarsaCare LongLine (continuous roll system)


Thickness: ca. 7 cm

Width × Length: 192 cm × 2.5 - 35 m (in 10-cm increments)

Side closure bars
KEW Plus LL-R (right) und KEW Plus LL-L (left)
Width: 10 cm, Length: 192 cm

  • Middle bar KEW Plus LL-M for connecting two rolls 
    width: 15 cm, length: 192 cm
  • the elastic brisket board  ergoBOARD
  • the robust brisket board  maxiBOARD

KRAIBURG Stallmatten: einfache und schnelle Montage

Installation – easy and safe
  • fixing at the front edge
  • prefabricated fixing points ease installation
  • additional fixing at side closure bars

KRAIBURG Befestigungssystem für Liegematten

You can find detailed information on this in the installation instructions and at Installation & maintenance

Watch the installation video »

KRAIBURG Liegematten Pflegetipp

Tips for maintenance
  • Spread a small amount of bedding on the lying mats
    › e.g. soft milled straw or mineral material
    (moisture in the lying area, among other things, plays a major role in the development of skin diseases and infections)
  • Treatment with a high-pressure cleaner as well as with standard cleaning agents is possible



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Please take notice of the corresponding KRAIBURG specifications and installation instructions with useful advice and tips.

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