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Field reports / testimonials on KRAIBURG rubber floorings for livestock housing

So easy to clean

Feltens farm, Kierspe, Germany, KURA Flex

It was clear to Marc Feltens from the start that he wanted to equip the floors of his milking parlour with rubber mats. He has 135 dairy cows in his cattle house and has been a big fan of KURA Flex mats for more than 10 years, and even after such long service, they still show no signs of wear.

“The floor in a milking parlour must offer good grip, and yet be easy to clean. With a rough floor covering such as epoxy resin, I would have had problems with cleaning in the longer term. The KURA mats are great to keep clean! I simply hose them off with water after milking and in 10 years, I've never used a pressure washer or chemical cleaning products, because no greasy layer builds up on the surface.

The 2 % fall on the concrete floor allows water to drain and the rubber mats dry quickly. I've never had to clean under the mats, because liquids and solid residues work their way out due to the movement of the cows. I definitely don’t share the concerns of other farmers regarding increased germ levels or soiling. The KURA mats also offer a good, secure footing and the cows walk willingly in and out of the milking parlour. Even in sub-zero temperatures, the footing stays secure because ice simply flakes off the mats when the cows walk on them.”