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Field reports / testimonials on KRAIBURG rubber floorings for livestock housing

Travel lane: good grip on gravel

Wimmer farm, Mattsee, Austria, LOMAX

Margit and Josef Wimmer’s 90 dairy cows needed to get to their pasture. The tracks on the slope behind the cattle house needed to be fixed if they were to be used for access to the pasture. That’s where the LOMAX perforated mats come in.

“Because the land is so steep, we first reinforced the area with gravel. Then the LOMAX perforated mats were laid on top. It doesn’t get muddy and driving the cattle out to pasture works well! One big advantage is that the animals walk almost exclusively on the mats, meaning that they don’t trample new muddy paths.

The rubber mats provide the cows with sufficient grip and keep them out of contact with the gravel. That means they don’t get stones in their feet and can walk comfortably and softly. What’s more, the holes in the rubber and the gravel underneath ensure good drainage. Because the land is so steep, I have secured the mats with two ground anchors each, homemade from construction steel. We’re very happy with this solution!”