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Field reports / testimonials on KRAIBURG rubber floorings for livestock housing

Quick and easy to look after

Vorbuchner farm, Reischach, Germany, KEW Plus

Martin Vorbuchner has 60 dairy cows in his cattle house. After converting 51 deep litter cubicles into elevated cubicles, he fitted them with KEW Plus mats.

“The animals have taken to the mats really well, even better than the deep litter cubicles. They’re quicker and easier to look after than deep litter cubicles, they save a lot of time.

I wanted to try the elevated cubicles with mats for a while, which is why I only converted some cubicles to start with, but all my cubicles are now equipped with KEW Plus. Once the cubicles were all concreted, fitting the mats was fast and very simple. I’m still very pleased with the products - and especially with the excellent service from KRAIBURG.”