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Field reports / testimonials on KRAIBURG rubber floorings for livestock housing

Easy mud stabilisation

Alt farm, Ufhusen, Switzerland, LOMAX

In the spring and autumn in particular, Pius Alt's 40 cows often had a problem getting from the cattle house to the pasture.

“The path to the pasture often got very muddy. The cows sank into the ground as they walked, making their claws and legs filthy. Even with a tractor it was really difficult to drive forwards, which was very laborious.

Looking through the KRAIBURG brochure, I stumbled on the LOMAX perforated mats, specially designed for muddy ground. The mats are simply laid on the ground and can be joined together using cable ties through the holes. I am really pleased with this simple solution! The path is more solid again, the cows can walk quickly to the pasture without risk of injury, and they stay much cleaner. I can even drive the tractor over them again without any problems.”