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Field reports / testimonials on KRAIBURG rubber floorings / stall mats for dairy cow houses

That´s what our customers say

Field reports from many countries around the world

Saves a lot of work

“The WINGFLEX mats take very little work to look after. I need a lot less litter.”

Still as soft after more than 5 years

“The WELA LongLine mats are easy to keep clean. That saves a lot of work on cubicle maintenance! Even after 5 years of use, they are still just as soft as they were at the start.””

Improved joint health

”We’ve had the soft KKM mats in our elevated cubicles since 2009. They still offer the same levels of lying comfort today. The joint health of our animals has also improved.”

Quick and easy to look after

The cows have taken to the mats really well, even better than the deep litter cubicles. They’re quicker and easier to look after than deep litter cubicles, they save a lot of time.

A fan of KEW Plus for more than 15 years

”The KEW Plus mats have significantly reduced both the amount of litter and the labour required. The investment has definitely paid off.”

The cows lie down quickly

“My cows have accepted the KEW Plus mats very willingly. They quickly lie down on the mats.”

No wear, even after more than 10 years

“The cubicles are quick and easy to muck out. The animals like to lie down on the CALMA mats. Even after more than 10 years, you can’t see any worn patches on the rubber!”

Optimal solution for a comfortable deep litter cubicle

“With POLSTA the front area offers very good cow comfort. Obviously, our cows have a better lying behaviour. We are excited about the mats and the easy management!”

We save about a quarter of litter

The places with POLSTA are always occupied first. Regarding the management, we save about a quarter of the litter. We have 5 digging cows in the cubicle house, that often dig out almost all the litter of the cubicles. With POLSTA this is no longer the case!”

Makes great mattresses

“The POLSTA mats keep the mattress in the head space at a constant height. The cows can lie down in excellent comfort. In comparison with previously, carpal joint health has further improved.”

Saves time on mucking out

POLSTA is the perfect solution to create a good mattress in the front part of the deep litter cubicle. It also saves us a lot of time on daily mucking out.”

It makes the cattle house a quieter place

“The maxiBOARD raises the manger wall at the feeding place. So, I can provide more feed. The cattle house is also a quieter place, because the transponders do not bang against the concrete.”

Very durable and robust

Rebedding is really easy with the maxiBOARD. The brisket board is very durable and robust.”

No injuries and comfortable to lie on

“We used to use wooden posts as a front boundary, but over time they gave the cows open sores. Using ergoBOARDs means that I don’t have this problem any longer.”

ergoBOARD as animal-friendly feed guard

“The ergonomic shape is very animal-friendly. The cows are held back while eating and shove less feed into the walking alley.”

Lying down at will

”The cows love to lie down with their front legs stretched out over the ergoBOARD. I don't think we could imagine life without this brisket board now.”

2 litres more milk per cow per day

”With profiKURA we no longer have problems with silent heat or claw injuries. Claw growth and abrasion are nicely balanced. The cows are much more active, feed more and we have a significantly higher milk yield! The investment has really paid off."

Cows no longer slip with profiKURA

“The cows are significantly more active on profiKURA mats and no longer slip at all! If manure occasionally freezes onto the rubber in sub-zero temperatures, the ice simply breaks away as soon as the cows tread on the mats.”

Sure-footed, even in the wet

The cows stand very calmly on profiKURA Flex while being milked. Even if the floor is wet from cleaning, the mats offer excellent grip.”

Highly recommended

“With the KURA P rubber mats, the cows are much more active and feel great. We’re still seeing all the benefits that the rubber mats have brought right from the start, even after more than 15 years.”

KURA P has already amortized after 15 months

Within one year we noticed considerable improvements in the claws. Due to the distinctively increased milk yield of about 300 kg per cow and year, the investment in KURA P has already amortized after 15 months!”

Cows move well on the mats

The quality of the KURA and pediKURA P mats is good. We still have the original mats from 2009 in the cattle house, and they show no signs of wear. The cows move well on the mats. Claw care is now more prophylactic, more about checking the claws.”

Excellent slip-resistance

Thanks to the softness of the KURA P mats, the cows don’t injure themselves, even if they occasionally slip when mounting each other. They are very sure-footed and slip less on the pediKURA mats.”

Happy with KURA P, even after 15 years

“We’re still very happy with KRAIBURG rubber mats, even after 15 years. The willingness to walk and sure-footedness of our cows has a positive effect on heat detection, enabling us to achieve good pregnancy rates.”

In great condition since 2003

“We’ve had great experience of KRAIBURG’S KURA P walking alley mats for many years! The cows love them and have healthier claws.”

So easy to clean

“The KURA mats in the milking parlour are great to keep clean! They offer a good, secure footing and the cows walk willingly in and out of the milking parlour. Even in sub-zero temperatures, the footing stays secure.”

The animals walk very sure-footedly

“The cows move very safely on the profiKURA S mats. When it comes to significantly improved claw health too, rubber is the only alternative in my mind.”

We love the mats

“We’ve had great experience of KRAIBURG’S KURA S mats! They’ve lasted a long time and the cows love them.”

Healthy claws on KURA S

“We’re very happy with claw health. We simply don’t have claw injuries like we did before in the tied stalls. Manure can still be swept easily through the slats, keeping the floor clean and dry all the time.”

Substantial savings on bedding with VITA

“I’m saving a whole lot of time and bedding too. The softness means that the cow and also the calf can get up more easily. I wouldn’t be without VITA now!”

Easy care

“With VITA, I’m saving on bedding and maintenance is very easy. I often only need to replace the bedding after every three or four calvings. Even after some 7 years, I can’t see any wear on the mats.”

Travel lane: good grip on gravel

“The LOMAX perforated mats provide the cows with sufficient grip on the travel lane with slope and keep them out of contact with the gravel. That means they don’t get stones in their feet and can walk comfortably and softly.”

Easy mud stabilisation

“The LOMAX mats make the path more solid again and the cows can walk quickly to the pasture without risk of injury. I can even drive the tractor over them without any problems.”

Cows stand softly and cleanly

“Using LENTA on the elevated feed stalls has given the cows a soft floor on which they can stand well. The mats are also very easy to keep clean.”