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Field reports / testimonials on KRAIBURG rubber floorings / stall mats for bull fattening

That´s what our customers say

Slatted floors in beef fattening

No injuries

“For me, the KURA SB mats from KRAIBURG are an optimal solution to meet the legal requirements. Thanks to the rubber flooring I‘ve never had an animal with injuries or claw problems. Furthermore, the calves are very clean.”

An oasis for the bulls

“The LOSPA SB mats significantly contribute to animal health and welfare. In comparison to the bedded stalls, I could notice an additional weight gain of 50 kg per animal within 10 months on the rubber mats!”

More active animals with higher daily weight gain

“The animals are healthier, more vital and active, even the daily weight gain has improved. Getting up is easier and die the mats are gentle on the carpal joints. With soft floors animal culling due to injuries from falling practically does not happen anymore.”

Our calves are very clean

“The KURA S and KURA SB mats are dry and clean. Thus, the calves have a good surefootedness. Also the calves are very clean on the mats.”

Healthier animals and higher slaughtering weight on KURA S

“The animals are healthier and grow better, they have a higher slaughtering weight at the end of the fattening period and I can use my bongossi grates for a longer time. The cleaning time is significantly shorter now and the consumption of water has also decreased considerably.”