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Field reports / testimonials on KRAIBURG rubber floorings for livestock housing

No injuries

Schweiger farm, Burgkirchen, Germany, KURA SB

The Schweiger family runs a farm for fattening beef calves with ca. 430 fattening places. In 2017, Mr. Schweiger equipped the fully slatted pens where the calves are kept with the curved KURA SB mat.

"Before I could put the first calves in the new barn, I wanted to cover the pens with rubber mats. According to the law, my concrete slats must be equipped with a soft, deformable covering. For me, the KURA SB mats from KRAIBURG were the optimal solution for this.

The animals like to lie on the mats and are also active. In addition, thanks to the rubber flooring, I’ve never had an animal with injuries or claw problems. The floor dries very quickly due to the curve on the mats. The animals are therefore very clean, which is especially important for the auction of the beef calves. Cleaning the pens is really time-saving. After a group has been taken out of the barn, I can simply clean the rubber mats with the high-pressure cleaner."