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We are at your service!

We are at your service!

We currently maintain our operations without restrictions.

In the past few days, we have quickly and comprehensively adapted to the current situation and reorganized in order to protect our employees' health and to ensure that our business operations are maintained for you.

This includes (in addition to the usual measures such as hygiene, distance, ...):

• Production shifts now work completely time-separated (buffer time introduced)

• Shipping and maintenance dept. each work in two separate groups in 2-shift operation

• Service center and purchasing each work in two spatially separated teams

• Where feasible, the employees work from their home office

This means that we are well positioned in case of a confirmed infection. Then we could continue to operate with the remaining teams and keep on offering good service to you.

Your usual contact persons stay the same at the moment. If something changes, we will inform you immediately.

The closing of the borders of many countries can affect the delivery of your goods. The borders are still open for trucks, but there are long waiting times due to health checks, police stops, etc. We would like to point out that we no longer can guarantee regular scheduled transit times.

The receipt of goods must take place without changes.

We have extended our opening hours in the shipping department in order to relax the situation, which is clearly more tricky here. The following loading times apply until further notice:

Mon to Thu: 6.30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.

Fri: 6.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.

Please let us know immediately if you no longer can receive / send goods.

Without everyone's sense of responsibility – from suppliers over employees to buyers – none of this would be possible. A big thank you!

We hope that you, your family and your colleagues keep well!