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News about KRAIBURG animal house floorings made of rubber

News at EuroTier 2018

News at EuroTier 2018

1968-2018: 50 years of experience for happy cows and satisfied farmers and again, you can discover new things at the stand of KRAIBURG!

One highlight is the innovative deep litter cubicle cushion POLSTA. This rubber cushion measuring 91 x 110 cm is installed in the head area of the deep litter cubicle and offers animal-friendly sub-construction 24 hours a day. Production of dips is a thing of the past, it is possible to always lie uphill! POLSTA has been registered for the DLG Innovation Award. We are curious …

In addition, you can get information on mats for elevated cubicles of different levels of softness and price: The range shown ranges from the very comfortable, award-winning TARSA (DLG silver medal 2016) via the continuous WELA system to tried and tested mats such as KKM.

Of course, claw-friendly walking area mats with or without abrasion (KARERA, KURA and profiKURA) and performance-enhancing covers for slatted floors for calf and bull fattening (LOSPA).

And there is more important news: On the basis of the international ISO 9001 standard, Gummiwerk KRAIBURG is tested by the DLG for continuous product and production quality. The control involves the complete manufacturing process from the raw material down to the end product as well as quality features, such as environmental sustainability. The process audit is repeated every year and is therefore on a higher level than any individual tests of the DLG. In 2018, KRAIBURG was the first manufacturer to be awarded the quality mark “Continuously audited“ (production process certified, PAH test passed).