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News about KRAIBURG animal house floorings made of rubber

NEW: KRAIBURG POLSTA – the rubber cushion for the perfect deep litter cubicle

With the innovative POLSTA we have developed a product especially for the head space of the deep litter cubicle. Here, pawing animals often dig unwanted pits which you only get under control with time-consuming maintenance measures.

The novel "deep litter cubicle cushion" POLSTA starts right here. It consists of 2 rubber layers and is around 10 cm thick. The lower mat absorbs the load especially when the cow lies down. The upper mat retains the litter especially well and and offers the lying cow very good comfort.

All in all, with the new POLSTA we provide a practical complement to achieve the perfect deep litter cubicle. The cushion, with its remarkable volume, replaces the "substructure" of the bedding: less maintenance, less bedding and the cow can lie comfortably and "uphill".

The practice shows: Cows love to use the cubicles with POLSTA!

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