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Field reports / testimonials on KRAIBURG rubber floorings for livestock housing

KURA P has already amortized after 15 months

Schmucki farm, Münchwilen, Switzerland, KURA P

Andreas and Franz Schmucki manage a dairy farm with 80 dairy cows. They could notice many advantages since they’ve had the KURA P mats in the cubicle house.

“We used to have walking alleys covered with mastic asphalt. It had become rough and the cows practically had no more claws. Back then KRAIBURG rubber mats were recommended to us. Within one year we noticed considerable improvements in the claws. There was something there again for trimming.

The claw health has strongly improved in a short period of time. Due to the distinctively increased milk yield of about 300 kg per cow and year, the investment in KURA P has already amortized after 15 months!

We are very pleased. The cows stand well, some animals literally jump and the young animals run little "loose housing races". We also see them mounting again. All in all the investment was profitable and we would do it again.”