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Field reports / testimonials on KRAIBURG rubber floorings for livestock housing

Healthy claws on KURA S

Brandstetter farm, Polling, Germany, KURA S

Leonhard and Theresa Brandstetter really focus on working efficiently and automation on their farm. A scraper robot cleans the slatted floor, the feed butler serves up the cows’ food and they are milked by a milking robot.

In April 2010, 65 cows were moved from tied stalls to the new loose housing. The elevated cubicles and all walking areas are fitted with rubber mats.

“We had already seen rubber mats in several other farms, and we liked what we saw.

I think rubber is ideal for slatted floors. Manure can still be swept easily through the slats, keeping the floor clean and dry all the time. Cleaning with the scraper robot works flawlessly too.

Since the cows moved into the new cattle house, we haven’t had a single floor-related problem or injury.

We’re also very happy with claw health. Of course, you’re not saving on claw trimming, that’s simply part of farming, but at least it’s actual care and monitoring. We simply don’t have claw injuries like we did before in the tied stalls.

With the milking robots, it is especially important that the cows walk well and willingly, otherwise they won’t independently go to be milked. Lastly, it's also much more pleasant for us to stand and walk on rubber mats, and it offers us a more secure footing too.

All in all, we’re very happy and would do it all the same again.”