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KRAIBURG PORCA rubber floorings for farrowing house and piglet nest

Why rubber mats in sow houses?

Existing floors in farrowing houses are often slippery and hard.

  • With fear of slipping sows get up less

    › decreased feed and water intake

    › increased risk of MMA (mastitis-metritisagalactiae syndrome)

    › rearing performance gets worse

  • Increased crushing losses

  • Lying too long in one position increases the risk of shoulder ulcer formation

    › inflammations and pain lower sow performance

Comfort mats made of rubber decisively contribute to the animal's well being, as well as to their health!
  • higher lying comfort and better thermal insulation
  • fewer injuries and animal losses
  • easy to clean and disinfect


PORCA fix rubber covering for fixed sows in farrowing houses


For confined sows in farrowing pens

  • Thickness: 20 mm
  • Specialty: bite-optimized Protect-surface
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PORCA KN rubber flooring for fixed sows in farrowing houses


For confined sows in farrowing pens

  • Thickness: 18 mm
  • Simple mat as low-cost wear commodity
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PORCA nest rubber covering for piglet nests

PORCA nest

For the piglet nest

  • Thickness: 18 mm
  • Specialty: versatile in application
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