KRAIBURG rubber mats for slatted floors in bull fattening: healthier animals & higher yields

Slatted floor covers for bull fattening

Healthier animals & higher yields

Fully slatted pens with rubber covers provide more sure-footedness and comfort. Along with other things, this is demonstrated by fewer injuries, natural movement patterns and the animal’s preference for rubber. Bulls held on rubber covers achieve the slaughter weight faster than animals held on concrete slatted floors.

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KRAIBURG Spaltenbodenbeläge sind

  • wärmedämmend & komfortabel
  • besonders lagestabil & haltbar
    › großflächige Matten über mehrere Spaltenelemente!
  • trittsicherer & klauenschonend
  • geräusch- und stressmindernd
  • einfach zu montieren
  • leicht zu reinigen und desinfizieren
  • individuell maßgefertigt

An economic solution with focus on animal health:

  • Suitable for new construction

  • Simple renovation option

  • Fulfills legal requirements quickly and easily (e.g. German order on the protection of farm animals – TierSchNutztV, guideline on fattening cattle)


LOSPA SB Spaltenbodenbelag aus Gummi für die Bullenmast


For common longitudinal and transverse slats

  • Thickness: 23 mm
  • Surface: curved with slope
  • Specialty:
    • Emission reduction
    • For high stress
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LOSPA swiss slatted floor covering made of rubber for cattle

LOSPA swiss

For every slatted floor geometry

  • Thickness: 20 mm
  • Surface: grip-surface, reinforced
  • Specialty:
    • For high stress
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For young cattle up to 250 kg animal weight (or up to 350 kg, if the animals are kept in the same pen for the whole fattening period) KURA SB or KURA Scan be used.

With higher weights we recommend LOSPA SB or LOSPA swiss.

Advantages at a glance

Joint swellings


on rubber

(compared to concrete slatted floors)

Source: Graunke et al., 2011

Claw injuries: haemorrhages

(sole and white line)


on rubber

(compared to concrete slatted floors)

Source: Graunke et al., 2011

Tail tip injuries


on rubber

(compared to concrete slatted floors)

Source: Zerbe F., Mayer C., Kjaer J., 2008

Fattening period on rubber cover


than on concrete

Source: Graunke et al., 2011



to concrete

(in case of partial covering)

Source: Bahrs, 2005

Rubber covers protect the joints so that standing up and lying down can be performed in a normal way and therefore happen more frequently. This has a positive effect on feed intake. The better sure-footedness allows for behaviour fulfilling the animal’s needs and provides more well-being:

Flexible single mats with elastic fixings
  • Allow for the necessary movement between rigid concrete and elastic rubber

  • Individual installation improves durability

    › flexible rubber and rigid concrete are very different materials, a fixed connection between rubber and concrete could therefore easily break

  • Single mats can easily be installed or exchanged anytime, independently of the concrete slatted floor

  • The slits in the floor can be adjusted by means of rubber covers to fulfill legal requirements

elastische Kotabrisskante ermöglicht bessere Selbstreinigung

elastic faeces-tearoff-edge enables better  dung passage and hence better self-cleaning

KRAIBURG elastische Spaltenbodenauflagen machen die Drehbewegung der Rinder mit und federn ab

When turning:
the mat cushions and supports the claw as it rotates

KRAIBURG Spaltenbodenauflagen aus Gummi machen die Bewegung der Rinder mit dämpfen sanft den Tritt

When stepping down:
the mat adjusts to the movement and absorbs the impact


Spaltenboden wird vermessen
Spaltenboden wird vermessen

Slatted floor is measured

mit moderner CAD-Software
mit moderner CAD-Software

With modern CAD software the mats are individually dimensioned

entsprechend der erstellten CAD-Zeichnung
entsprechend der erstellten CAD-Zeichnung
entsprechend der erstellten CAD-Zeichnung

Based on the CAD-created drawing, the slits are cut exactly into the mats with innovative water jet technology

KRAIBURG Info IconThe mats are generally dimensioned according to the guidelines established by our specialists.
The slatted floor must be suitable for covering with KRAIBURG mats.

KRAIBURG Stallbodenbeläge - Montage Icon
Installation – easy and safe
  • single mats are very easy to handle
  • the mats are fixed to the slats with special fixing elements
  • KRAIBURG fixing system: patented rubber peg to prevent lateral slipping – flush with the mat

KRAIBURG Befestigungssystem für Spaltenbodenauflagen: patentierter Gummidübel

Epecially for mat types for higher loads: optimized rubber peg with surrounding rim

KRAIBURG Befestigungssystem für Spaltenbodenauflagen: optimierter Gummidübel mit umlaufendem Rand

Complete covering pays off!

In order to reduce injuries and enable all animals to behave fulfilling their needs we recommend that you cover the complete pen with rubber.

If only a part of the pen is covered with rubber mats, it must be ensured that the animals at the feeding area stand on the mat either completely or not at all!

You can find more details on this in our criteria for covering fully slatted pens

Fully covered pens pay off! We recommend to fully cover the pen with rubber floorings.