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News about KRAIBURG animal house floorings made of rubber

Balanced claw abrasion

Bichler farm, Siegsdorf, Germany, profiKURA P

Franz Bichler finished building his cattle house in 2015 and installed rubber mats right from the start. He has a total of 40 dairy cows. His decision to use the mats was prompted by a professional colleague who also kept the cattle on his farm on rubber mats and wouldn’t use anything else in his cattle house.

“The walking alleys in my cattle house are covered with KURA P. The mats offer excellent grip, the cows are sure-footed enough to properly gallop on them without slipping. They sink slightly into the rubber, enabling them to stand and move safely.

The slight claw abrasion is another benefit. I can’t compare with concrete because I’ve always had the mats in the cattle house, but the claw abrasion is great! The majority of my cows have relatively short and well-formed claws. The trimmer only needs to come and trim them twice a year. On the whole, I think that the mats have a positive effect on claw health.

When our cows come into the cattle house from the pasture in the summer, it is important that they don’t walk even a short distance on concrete. Otherwise, the slightest stone could immediately lead to lameness if walked on. Here too, the rubber covers save me time and money. 

All in all, I can say that rubber is the only thing I would consider for both lying and walking areas in the cattle house.”