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News about KRAIBURG animal house floorings made of rubber

In great condition since 2003

Flankkila farm, Kärsämäki, Finland, KURA P

The walking alleys in Tommi Flankkila’s dairy cattle house are still covered with the KURA P mats that were installed in 2003. Slight wear on the rubber can be seen where the chains of the scrapers run, but otherwise they are still in excellent condition. He thinks that these mats will last many more years before he needs to replace them. He currently has 140 dairy cows walking over the mats.

“We’ve had great experience of KRAIBURG mats, which is why we fitted rubber mats in the walking alleys of our new cattle house a few years ago. The result is that our cows have healthier claws. We currently have 140 cows who love the mats. I hope that the new walking alley mats are just as good as the old ones, because they ought to last for a very long time!”