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News about KRAIBURG animal house floorings made of rubber

Excellent slip-resistance

Oberhauser farm, Vachendorf, Germany, KURA / pediKURA P System

Tobias Oberhauser's cattle house was completed in 2012 and was fitted with rubber mats on walking alleys and comfortable lying mats with brisket boards right from the start. Tobias has a total of 120 dairy cows.

“Our walking alleys are covered with KURA P mats. A big benefit for us is that the cows demonstrate their heat behaviour clearly and are very sure-footed on these mats. And if a cow does slip when mounting another, they are unhurt thanks to the rubber mats. It’s also clear to see that their claws are healthier. Better claw health and clearer heat behaviour have meant that our investment in rubber mats has paid off quickly.

We have fitted pediKURA mats in some of the areas our cows use most frequently, to gently abrase the claws. This makes them more sure-footed and ensures that they slip less.”