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Soft rubber floorings for fattening bulls: healthier animals, better weight gain

Animal comfort for fattening bulls

For every development we follow the example set by nature. Our robust mats have a high dimensional stability and offer optimum comfort levels – and this for the long term. It's our attention to the detail that makes the products so user-friendly. They are simple to install, easy to clean and disinfect.

What do nature-oriented floors offer?

  • Improved sure-footedness reduces the risk of injuries and animal losses
    › only healthy animals can bring high yields in a short timeframe
  • Fewer problems when getting up and lying down
    › more active animals go to the feeding place more often

The benefits of that:

  • Higher weight gain due to increased comfort, better energy balance and feed conversion

    › considerably shorter fattening periods

  • Vet and treatment costs decrease

Only healthy animals bring the highest yield!


  • soft
  • slip-resistant
  • heat insulating


  • performance enhancing
  • robust and durable
  • easy to install

Conforming to the law

(e.g. German ordinance on the protection of farm animals – TierSchNutztV, guideline on fattening cattle)

  • for new construction
  • for renovation
The areas of application:

Our slat mats are individually tailor-made, animal-friendly soft and slip-resistant. They promote healthier animals and faster fattening success.

Our lying mats for high cubicles improve animal welfare and reduce the work for the farmer. They are permanently soft, gentle on the joints, hygienic and easy to maintain.

Our walking alley mats promote safety and less stress for the animals. They are animal-friendly soft, claw-friendly and slip-resistant.