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News about KRAIBURG animal house floorings made of rubber

We save about a quarter of litter

Gerth farm, Büdingen, (DLG test farm), Germany, POLSTA

Achim Gerth has a dairy farm with 65 cows. In May 2018, 16 POLSTA mats were installed in the deep litter cubicles.

“We installed 16 POLSTA mats for testing and we are very pleased with them. The cows immediately lay down into the newly equipped cubicles. Now the situation is, that the places with POLSTA are always occupied first. Regarding the management, we save about a quarter of the litter. We have 5 digging cows in the cubicle house, that often dig out almost all the litter of the cubicles. With POLSTA this is no longer the case!”