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KRAIBURG rubber floorings for walking alleys with scraper manure removal

pediKURA system

24 mm

with concentrated content of corundum


» video installation pediKURA S
» video installation pediKURA Form

Selective claw abrasion and improved grip

  • Adds selective abrasion zones (concentrated content of abrasive agent in the surface) to the soft KURA flooring 
    › promotes high slip resistance
    › supports the correct claw form through selective claw abrasion
  • Abrasion is controllable
  • Animal-friendly soft & claw-friendly
  • Noise and stress reducing
  • Permanently stable in position and form
  • Simple and fast installation: easy-to-handle single mats with proven puzzle connection
  • Puzzle compensates for natural thermal expansion
    › practically a jointless floor area
  • Suitable for both new construction and renovation
    › can easily be retrofitted
  • Compatible with vehicle traffic


addition to

the proven



Addition to KURA mats on paved / concrete floors or slatted floors


max. 6 %

KRAIBURG InfoEspecially recommended if e. g. a smear layer can easily develop due to drying dung.

  • 80 % of the walking area is covered with the proven soft KRAIBURG KURA
  • 20 % of the walking area is covered with pediKURA
    › concentrated content of abrasive agent in the surface
  • Installation predominantly in heavily frequented sections like crossovers, drinking bowl or cow brush, the parlour entrance and exit, ...

Available as:

  • pediKURA S for slatted floors: further details see KURA S
  • pediKURA Form for paved/concrete floors without scraper: further details see KURA Flex / Form

Specially for areas with direct solar radiation

pediKURA P / Flex / Form SUN

› Expansion slits in the mat balance out larger thermal expansion

Safety & healthy claws

KRAIBURG walking area mats are specially adapted to the natural needs of cattle: they are animal-friendly soft, improve claw health and sure-footedness. The cows respond with higher activity and better productivity. Lameness-free cows are more fertile and save a lot of work and costs. Animal-friendly walking areas pay off quickly!

Drastic reduction of claw damage


after 12 months on KURA S

(compared to concrete slatted floor)

Source: Benz, 2002

Due to improved walking comfort

ca. 3.3 % MORE MILK

per year

Source: Eelkema et al., 2004


on KURA rubber flooring


than on concrete

Source: Platz et al., 2007 

Walking distance covered

on KURA rubber flooring

4 km PER DAY

= natural walking distance on pasture

Source: Platz et al., 2007 


on KURA rubber flooring

39 days SHORTER

than on concrete

= Cost savings of almost 2 × return to oestrus

Source: Platz et al., 2007 

Costs for a lameness

= Ø 400 Euros

Source: Dolecheck, Bewley, 2018 

  • claw sinks in
  • hollow gives support
  • cow feels safe

Thickness: 24 mm

KRAIBURG KURA Gummimatte für Laufflächen im Milchviehstall - Abmessungen Querschitt

pediKURA Flex

Puzzle on 2 sides
Length × width:
125 cm × 87.5/92/96/100/104.5/109/113/117/121.5/126/130/134/138.5/143/147/151/155.5/160/164 cm 
(puzzle connection on wide sides)

Puzzle on 3 sides
Length × width:
125 cm × 82/99/116/133/150/167 cm  
(puzzle connection on wide sides and on one long side)

Puzzle on 4 sides
Width × length:
125 cm × 170 cm

pediKURA Form

Length × width: tailor-made

(for technical reasons the adjoining areas do not have puzzle-shaped sides as standard)

pediKURA S

Width × length: tailor-made 

KRAIBURG warranty 

5 years
Detailed information about our warranty (taking into account the service life) is available on request from your contractual partner / dealer.


Thickness: +3/-2 mm 
Width + length: +/- 1.5 % (DIN ISO 3302-1 tolerance class M4)

KRAIBURG Pflegetipp Liegematten

Tips for maintenance
  • Keep the walking and milking area flooring as clean as possible
    › Important for claw health and slip resistance!
  • Treatment with a high-pressure cleaner, as well as with standard cleaning agents is possible


You can also find tips on cleaning here:

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Expert knowledge on walking comfort

The specialty

Claw abrasion & improved grip

Abrasive walking area mats create optimized claw abrasion, very similar to conditions in nature, where sandy constituents in the elastic soil ensure that horn formation and abrasion are kept balanced.

Walking area flooring with abrasive surface

With pediKURA the abrasive corundum is incorporated into the surface and thereby promotes gentle claw abrasion. The corundum also supports even better slip resistance with animal-friendly softness.

Abrasive corundum

› The second hardest mineral after diamond
› Does not react with acids and bases: best precondition for use in slurry environments
› Patented technology which has been well-proven in the KRAIBURG group for many years
› An exceptionally high level of sure-footedness has been proven in practice

KRAIBURG Info IconYou can also find more information on the topic here:

Expert knowledge on claw abrasion

What makes walking areas slip-resistant?

That's what our customers say:

Cows move well on the mats
Cows move well on the mats

The quality of the KURA and pediKURA P mats is good. We still have the original mats from 2009 in the cattle house, and they show no signs of wear. The cows move well on the mats. Claw care is now more prophylactic, more about checking the claws.”

Excellent slip-resistance
Excellent slip-resistance

Thanks to the softness of the KURA P mats, the cows don’t injure themselves, even if they occasionally slip when mounting each other. They are very sure-footed and slip less on the pediKURA mats.”

Please take notice of the corresponding KRAIBURG specifications and installation instructions with useful advice and tips.

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