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News about KRAIBURG animal house floorings made of rubber

Still as soft after more than 5 years

Jäger farm, Pirach, Germany, WELA LongLine

Johann Jäger currently has 100 cows in his cattle house. He was one of the first to have the WELA LongLine system fitted in his elevated cubicles.

“We expanded our cattle house around 5 years ago. In the old cattle house, we had deep litter cubicles, whereas we opted for elevated cubicles in the extension and fitted them with WELA LongLine mats. The cows love to lie down on the mats.

They are still just as soft as they were at the start and they have not formed any dents on the surface. The mat rolls out to a smooth sheet without edges and is easy to keep clean. That saves a lot of work on cubicle maintenance!”