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24 mm

rib profile


For steep passages

  • V-shaped, raised rib profile
    • gives the claw foothold
    • facilitates the drainage of liquids
  • Square imprinting between the ribs improves the grip
  • Walkable in both directions


Steep passages with a slope from 6 %

› also with stationary concrete loading ramps for transporting the animals to and from the cattle house

Tested in practice up to 15 % slope so far


Thickness: 24 mm

Width × length: 
65/130 cm × 200 cm

KRAIBURG MONTA Gummimatte für steile Wegstrecken - Abmessungen Querschitt

KRAIBURG Stallmatten: einfache und schnelle Montage

  • min. 9 fixings / slim mat or
  • 10 fixings / wide mat

KRAIBURG Befestigungssystem für KURA Laufgangbeläge: Nageldübel - abgerundet und versenkt

You can find detailed information on this in the installation instructions and at Installation & maintenance


Thickness: +3/-2 mm 
Width + length: +/- 1.5 % (DIN ISO 3302-1 tolerance class M4)

321 KB

KRAIBURG Pflegetipp Liegematten

Tips for maintenance
  • Keep the flooring as clean as possible
    › Important for claw health and slip resistance!
  • Treatment with a high-pressure cleaner, as well as with standard cleaning agents is possible


You can also find tips on cleaning here:

Slip-resistant walking areas

You can find a lot more interesting information about walking comfort here:

Expert knowledge on walking comfort

Please take notice of the corresponding KRAIBURG specifications and installation instructions with useful advice and tips.

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