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ca. 6.5 cm


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Comfort and hygiene for calving pen / selection area / ...

  • 3-layer composition (rubber-foam-rubber)
    • ideal and permanent softness for every load condition
    • significantly reduced need for bedding
  • Optimal hygiene
    • jointless top covering
    • frame bar surrounds the system
    • covering strip for “neat” closure towards the wall reduces soiling
    • easy to clean and disinfect
  • Increased lying comfort and better thermal insulation
  • Better sure-footedness – also for the calf
  • Bedding is only used to bind liquids and can be replaced after each calving

Complete system:
Thickness: ca. 6.5 cm
Width × length: max. 525 × 600 cm

KRAIBURG VITA Komfortmatten-System für die Abkalbebox aus Schaumstoff und Gummi: Aufbau im Querschnitt und Abmessungen

Consists of:

  • VITA LongLine (top covering):
    15 mm
    Width × length:
    262/348/440/525 cm × 250 cm - 600 cm in 10-cm increments

  • KRAI-PUR (foam):
    25 mm
    Width × length:
    120 cm × 155 cm

  • VITA Cup (cup-formed lower mat):
     25 mm
    Width × length:
    120 cm × 135 cm

  • VITA Top (covering strip):
    5 cm
    Width × length:
     5.5 cm × 200 cm

  • VITA Border (frame bar):
     6 cm
    Width × length:
     7 cm × 240 cm

KRAIBURG warranty 

5 years
Detailed information about our warranty (taking into account the service life) is available on request from your contractual partner / dealer.


Width + length: +/- 1.5 % (DIN ISO 3302-1 tolerance class M4)

KRAIBURG Liegematten Pflegetipp

Tips for maintenance
  • Spread a fair amount of bedding on the mat system
    › e.g. soft milled straw or mineral material
    (moisture in the lying area, among other things, plays a major role in the development of skin diseases and infections)
  • Treatment with a high-pressure cleaner, as well as with standard cleaning agents is possible



You can find more interesting information here:

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That’s what our customers say:

Substantial savings on bedding with VITA
Substantial savings on bedding with VITA

“I’m saving a whole lot of time and bedding too. The softness means that the cow and also the calf can get up more easily. I wouldn’t be without VITA now!”

Easy care
Easy care

“With VITA, I’m saving on bedding and maintenance is very easy. I often only need to replace the bedding after every three or four calvings. Even after some 7 years, I can’t see any wear on the mats.”