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KRAIBURG rubber mats for slatted floors in dairy cow housing

Slatted floor

Safety & healthy claws

KRAIBURG slat mats are

  • extra positionally stable and durable
    › large-area mats extending over several slatted floor elements!

  • slip-resistant

  • noise and stress reducing

  • easy to install – with patented rubber peg

  • individually tailor-made


KRAIBURG Spaltenmatten aus Gummi werden individuell maßgefertig. Schritt 1: Spaltenboden wird vermessen

Slatted floor is measured

KRAIBURG Spaltenmatten aus Gummi werden individuell maßgefertig. Schritt 2: Zeichnen der Matten in CAD-Software

With modern CAD software the mats are individually dimensioned

KRAIBURG Spaltenmatten aus Gummi für Rinder Spaltenboden werden individuell maßgefertig. Die Schlitze werden an der Wasserstrahl-Schneide-Anlage passgenau in die Matten geschnitten.

Spaltenmatten aus Gummi werden für jeden für Spaltenboden im Rinderstall individuell maßgefertig.

Based on the CAD-created drawing, the slits are cut exactly into the mats with innovative water jet technology

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KRAIBURG Info IconThe mats are dimensioned by our specialists on the basis of many years‘ experience. Stability also plays an important role.
In addition to the slit and tread widths in the slatted floor, feeding, aeration, occupation density etc. are important for clean floors.

KRAIBURG Stallbodenbeläge - Montage Icon
Installation – easy and safe
  • single mats are very easy to handle
  • the mats are fixed to the slats with special fixing elements
  • KRAIBURG fixing system: patented rubber peg to prevent lateral slipping – flush with the mat

KRAIBURG Befestigungssystem für Spaltenmatten auf Rinderspaltenboden: patentierter Gummidübel

Epecially for mat types for higher loads: optimized rubber peg with surrounding rim

KRAIBURG Befestigungssystem für Spaltenmatten aus Gummi auf Spaltenboden im Rinderstall: optimierter Gummidübel mit umlaufendem Rand

The specialties – KRAIBURG walking area flooring can do more!

Die Spezialität von KRAIBURG Laufgangmatten mit Korund: Klauenabrieb und verbesserte Rutschsicherheit

KRAIBURG Laufgangmatten mit Korund sorgen für Trittsicherheit und Klauenabrieb

Abrasive walking area mats create optimized claw abrasion, very similar to conditions in nature, where sandy constituents in the elastic soil ensure that horn formation and abrasion are kept balanced.

Walking area flooring with abrasive surface

With pediKURA and profiKURA the abrasive corundum is incorporated into the surface and thereby promotes gentle claw abrasion. The corundum also supports even better slip resistance with animal-friendly softness.

Abrasive corundum

› The second hardest mineral after diamond
› Does not react with acids and bases: best precondition for use in slurry environments
› Patented technology which has been well-proven in the KRAIBURG group for many years
› An exceptionally high level of sure-footedness has been proven in practice

KRAIBURG Info IconYou can also find more information on the topic here:

Expertise claw abrasion

What makes walking areas slip-resistant?

Die Spezialität von KRAIBURG Laufgangmatten aus Gummi: Reduktion von Ammoniak-Emissionen

KRAIBURG Laufgangmatten können Ammoniak-Emissionen am Laufgang reduzieren

How can ammonia emissions be reduced?

  • rapid urine draining combined with frequent cleaning
  • minimizing of soiled surfaces, e. g. with elevated feed stalls
Our solutions to reduce ammonia emissions

Paved / concrete floors

  • profiKURA P (for walking alleys on cross slope with urine-collecting gutter in the middle)

  • profiKURA 3D (with 3 % cross slope in the mat)

Slatted floors

  • KURA SB curved surface with 5 % slope towards the slit

KRAIBURG Info IconYou can also find more information on the topic here:

Emission reduction in the walkway

Dry walking areas

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Our slat mats for the walking alley are individually tailor-made, animal-friendly soft and slip-resistant. They promote safety and healthy claws.

Our slat mats are individually tailor-made, animal-friendly soft and promote sure-footedness. They provide more comfort and less injuries.