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KRAIBURG rubber mattings for deep bedded cubicles: more comfort & less work

KRAIBURG rubber mat systems for the deep bedded cubicle

More comfort & less labour

Our mat-systems for deep bedded cubicles


  • higher lying comfort
  • savings on bedding
  • less maintenance work


maxiBOX Komfort-Tiefbox aus Gummi-Komponenten für die Milchkuh


The deep bedded cubicle cushion

  • Thickness: ca. 10 cm
  • 2-layer composition
  • Surface: air cushions

  • Lower side: blade profile
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maxiBOX rubber mat system for deep bedded cubicles in the dairy barn


For elevated deep bedded cubicles

  • Thickness: ca. 3 cm
  • 4-component system
  • Surface: U-shaped profiling

  • Lower side: air cushions
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