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News about KRAIBURG animal house floorings made of rubber

Less work and more comfort

Werner farm, Römerstein-Strohweiler, Germany, KKM / KKM LongLine

Peter Werner has 150 dairy cows and 80 young cattle. Some of the elevated cubicles for the young cattle are equipped with KKM and KKM LongLine mats.

”KKM LongLine mats were installed six years ago in the old young cattle house and were also fitted in the new cattle house two months ago. The animals in both barns happily walk on the mats and lie down quickly.

Even now, I can't see any significant changes in lying comfort on the older mats, they’re almost as good as the day they were installed. There are no signs of wear yet either. They don’t require much work. If there is a little manure on the KKM, it scrapes off easily. They’re also very beneficial to the health of the animals! There are no swellings or abrasions to be seen on the cows’ joints.”