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News about KRAIBURG animal house floorings made of rubber

Easy care

Höhensteiger farm, Rosenheim, Germany, VITA

Andreas Höhensteiger was one of the first farmers to have the VITA comfort covering installed in 2013. He’s still very happy with it today. He currently farms 70 dairy cows.

“I had VITA installed around 7 years ago and there is still no wear to be seen on the mats today. Previously, the calving area was concrete, bedded with straw. I needed a whole lot of bedding to enable the cow and calf to lie down in comfort and to absorb liquids well. Replacing the straw was also relatively time-consuming, simply because there was so much of it.

With VITA, I’m saving on bedding and maintenance is very easy. I often only need to replace the bedding after every three or four calvings. I've always cleaned the mats with just a pressure washer, and that’s all they need.

I have never had a cow or calf with inflammation after birth, so I have never yet needed to disinfect the surface mats. The under-layers are soft and the animals can get up more easily on these mats than they could in the past on concrete. The thermal insulation of these mats is another benefit. The cow and calf have a much softer and warmer environment than with concrete and straw.”