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Elastic rubber foorings for calf housing: healthy and clean animals

Animal comfort for calf husbandry

Healthier animals & fewer injuries

Good animal health right from the start is a fundamental requirement for productive animals. With rubber flooring joints are being protected, so that standing up and lying down can be performed in a normal way and the animals can develop fulfilling their needs.

Improved sure-footedness reduces the risk of injuries and animal losses.

Our soft and yet robust rubber mats offer animal-friendly comfort - and this for the long term. It's our love to the detail that makes the products so user-friendly.

For slatted floors

Rubber mats in fully slatted pens ensure higher lying comfort, better thermal insulation and fewer injuries.

They comply with the new version of the TierSchNutztV (German order on the protection of farm animals), which requires a dry and soft or elastically deformable lying area, and they can easily be retrofitted.

According to the German TierSchNutztV, a slit width of 30 mm with a rubber covering is permitted. This enables better cleanliness.

KRAIBURG rubber slat mats for calf housing are compliant with the new German order on the protection of farm animals and can easily be retrofitted.en.

Have a look into the barn:

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KURA SB Spaltenbodenbelag aus Gummi für Kälbermast und Fresser


For common longitudinal and cross slits

  • Thickness: 28 mm
  • Surface: curved
  • Specialty:
    • Emission reduction
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KURA S Spaltenbodenbelag aus Gummi für Rinder


For every slatted floor geometry

  • Thickness: 24 mm
  • Surface: grip
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For young cattle up to 250 kg animal weight (or up to 350 kg, if the animals are kept in the same pen for the whole fattening or rearing period) KURA SB or KURA S can be used.

With higher weights we recommend LOSPA SB or LOSPA swiss.

For the lying areas

Especially for calves and young cattle, the CALMA puzzle mat has proven itself. It is robust and offers good lying comfort. With the puzzle connection it can be installed independently of the divider division. The range of dimensions is tailored to the use with the little ones. As continuous system (roll) we recommend KIM LongLine.

For larger animals our lying mats for dairy cattle or for bull fattening are most suitable.


Flexible and robust - spezially for young cattle

  • Thickness: 3 cm
  • Lower side: air-cushion-like profile
  • Puzzle mat

Flexible and robust

  • Thickness: 3 cm
  • Lower side: air cushion profile
  • Continuous system

For elevated calf pens / boxes

The perforated floor in calf pens / boxes is hard as standard and often slippery. However, calves need a non-slip surface that is gentle on the joints. The softelastic perforated rubber mat CaBoMat improves slip resistance and reduces the risk of injury. It thus provides an animal-friendly floor for young calves. In addition, the amount of bedding material can be reduced.

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For elevated calf pens / boxes

  • Thickness: 12 mm
  • Lower side: groove profile
  • Perforation: 30 mm

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Here you can download our brochure on the subject:

KRAIBURG - Brochure rubber flooring for calf husbandry