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KRAIBURG - your specialist for animal hous floorings made of rubber: About us

in Tittmoning for more than 50 years

The KRAIBURG factory premises over time

Learn more about our company history: 


Takeover of the tire retreading company "Wöhl-Gummitechnik"

KRAIBURG Elastik premises, Tittmoning, 1968In 1968, the KRAIBURG Group takes over the company "Wöhl" and founds the Gummiwerk KRAIBURG Elastik GmbH in Tittmoning.

New recycling procedure

KRAIBURG logo 1968Company founder Peter Schmidt had the vision of a new recycling procedure: to process the high-quality raw material resulting from tyre retreading into products.

First (main) product: "Elastik"-slabs (impact protection slabs)

KRAIBURG elastic impact protection slabs brochure of 1968KRAIBURG employees producing elastic impact protection slabs

With a staff of 10 employees and three small production units the production of elastic slabs starts.


Start of producing animal house mats

With the first production unit "Press 1" the production of animal house mats starts

KRAIBURG Elastik premises in Tittmoning, approx. 1972

KRAIBURG Elastik premises at this time


Expansion of the sales network: the first factory representatives are founded 

  • for the Netherlands: Snel Hout- en Rubber
  • for Northern Germany: Stalltechnik-Fachhandel e.K. Arno Hahn

Expansion of the production capacity

With the start of the new production unit "Press 4" (with 5 floors), the economic volume production begins.


The first animal house mat is tested and approved by the DLG (German Agricultural Society)

The "KRAIBURG Riefenstallmatte" (rubber mat with grooves on lower side) gets officially tested and approved by the DLG, the German Agricultural Society.

Urkunde KRAIBURG Riefenstallmatte DLG-anerkannt 1976 KRAIBURG cow house mat in 1976



Big capacity expansion with new production unit

The new production unit "Press 9" with more than 600,000 m² (= 100 soccer fields) production capacity per years gets started.

→ thus, KRAIBURG is ahead of many other manufacturers in the business regarding price and quality

KRAIBURG production unit for cow house mats Press 9 in 1980

"Press 9"

KRAIBURG Elastik premises in Tittmoning, approx. 1982

"Press 9" stands in this newly built hall


The first elastic slatted floor covering is invented: ESPA

  • KRAIBURG ESPA - elastic slatted floor covering brochure from 1982The rubber was backfilled with concrete. This means that the concrete slatted floor was fixed permanently to the rubber cover. The disadvantages were recognized soon: the fixed connection of rubber and concrete limited both softness and durability. In addition, the mats could not be flexibly installed or replaced.
  • To solve these problems, the loose, elastic slatted floor covering was developed later: LOSPA, which has proven itself to this day


old KRAIBURG logobecomes  new KRAIBURG logo 1982


First participation at the "DLG" exhibition

For the first time, KRAIBURG participates at the "DLG" exhibition in Frankfurt with its own booth. The "DLG" was Europe's largest agricultural exhibition and is thus the predecessor of today's agricultural fairs "EuroTier" and "Agritechnica".

KRAIBURG´s first own booth at the "DLG" exhibition in 1984


The first KRAIBURG perforated mat is launched

KRAIBURG Diamond perforated rubber mat in 1985

(surface diamond pattern, lower side studs)


New technical center for research and development

  • material and product tests can be carried out in the own laboratory
  • the in-house development department moves in 

KRAIBURG Elastik premises in Tittmoning, approx. 1992

KRAIBURG Elastik premises at this time


New factory representative in Eastern Germany

Our representative for Eastern Germany "Stalltechnik Fachhandels GmbH, Dipl.-Ing. Falko Obenaus" is founded.


Product innovation Soft Bed System

This is the first time foam is used in the cow house.

KRAIBURG Weichbett Bahnenware - erster Liegebelag für Kühe mit Schaumstoff, 1996


Product launch KEN (simple lying mat with studs)

KEN is still used in tying stalls today.

KRAIBURG KEN Gummimatte im Kuhstall 1996



Important milestone for a new generation of lying mats

The start of the new production unit "Press 13" is a big step for the possibilites in production

This is the first production unit where thicker mats with more details can be produced (edge, slope, ...).
→ Thereby we move away from the very simple mats.

Product innovation KEW (KRAIBURG single mat soft bed)

This is the first lying mat of the new generation:

  • with foam core
  • with many details: surrounding rim, different softness zones and slope

KRAIBURG KEW - single mat softbed lying mat for dairy cows 1998

Inauguration of the KEW mat

30 years Gummiwerk KRAIBURG in Tittmoning

More than 5 million cows lie on KRAIBURG rubber mats.

KRAIBURG Elastik premises in 1998

KRAIBURG Elastik premises at this time


the KRAIBURG interlocking puzzle mat 1999The interlocking puzzle is born

From the idea at the desk over the laboratory into the cow house: the puzzle as an ideal combination of single mat and continuous roll


Great success for KEW

KEW achieves the record result of 98% in the preference behavior of the animals as part of the approval by the DLG (German Agricultural Society).


New: cutting with water

KRAIBURG starts with new technology high pressure water jet cutting of rubber mats

New technology high pressure water jet cutting of rubger mats at KRAIBURG

The first water jet cutting unit gets started.

Product launch KSL (KRAIBURG single mat without foam)

KRAIBURG KSL - first thick, very soft lying mat for cows without foam in 2000This is the first thick, soft lying mat on the market, which does without foam.



Further capacity expansion with the new production unit "Press 14"

Aufbau der neuen Gummimatten-Presse bei KRAIBURG, 1999New production hall for cow house mats at the KRAIBURG facility in Tittmoning in 1999

 the new production unit for KRAIBURG cow house mats is watched by the curious future customers, cows an pasture

Our customers are already watching what's happening here...


New products

The KRAIBURG "Kuschelmatte" ("super soft") KKM is launched

KRAIBURG super soft mat - rubber mat for cows - 2002

KURA – the first walking area mat is launched

for paved/concrete floors and tailor-made for slatted floors

KRAIBURG KURA P Laufgangmatte aus GummiKRAIBURG KURA S slatted floor covering made of rubber


KURA is awarded with the DLG Innovation Award in silver by the German Agricultural Society at the EuroTier 2002.

Überreichung der Neuheiten Silbermedaille der DLG für KRAIBURG KURA Laufgangmatte an der EuroTier 2002KRAIBURG KURA mats at the EuroTier booth 2002

Right picture: presentation at the EuroTier booth with our humorous scraper model 


Increase for customized products

The demand for tailor-made products increases steadily
  • from now on there is a separate department for customized products
  • the third water jet cutting unit starts


Product launch KEW Plus – new 3-layer comfort lying mat

KRAIBURG KEW Plus Liegematte für Kühe, 2004KEW Plus comfort lying mat for dairy cows

ISO certification of KRAIBURG quality managementISO-certification

The KRAIBURG quality management system is certified with the worldwide ISO 9001 standard.

New mixing technology

Launch of the first "planetary-gear extruder" for compounding


The first BELMONDO® horse mat is launched

BELMONDO horse matBELMONDO horse mat in the stable(more information on BELMONDO horse mats at


New products

CALMA - lying mat for young cattle

KRAIBURG CALMA lying mat for dairy cattle on elevated cubiclesKRAIBURG CALMA Matte für Jungvieh Liegeflächen

LENTA - for tying stalls

KRAIBURG LENTA Matte für den AnbindestallKRAIBURG LENTA rubber mat in tying stalls

Facility expansion

  • start of the new production unit "Press 15" with a capacity expansion of 300,000 m²
  • extension of administrative building


Start towards Eastern Europe: this is the entry into new regions and more exotic markets with other cultures and languages.


Facility expansion

  • stock and dispatch are outsourced to the industrial area Tittmoning-Mayerhofen
  • a new production hall with space for two production units is built on the former storage area 

KRAIBURG Elastik premises in Tittmoning, 2007, with new production hall

The new production hall is completed

Sales start towards Eastern Europe pays off

Large order from Russia: over 20,000 cows lie on KRAIBURG KKM mats


40 years Gummiwerk KRAIBURG in Tittmoning

Approx. 15 million cows lie or stand on KRAIBURG rubber mats.

Facility expansion

Start of the new production unit "Press 16" with a capacity expansion of 300,000 m²

Aufbau der KRAIBURG Stallmatten-Produktionsanlage "Presse 16" KRAIBURG production unit for cattle house mats "Press 16"


New products

pediKURA® – the first walking area mat with integrated abrasive agent for selective claw abrasion

KRAIBURG pediKURA Matte für gezielten Klauenabriebnatural claw abrasion on the pasture

SIESTA - for calving pen / selection area

KRAIBURG SIESTA Gummimatte für die AbkalbeboxKRAIBURG SIESTA rubber mat in the calving pen


LOSPA swiss - for fattening bulls and heifers in pens

KRAIBURG LOSPA swiss - Spaltenbodenauflage aus Gummi für Mast- und Jungrinder in BuchtenhaltungKRAIBURG LOSPA swiss slatted floor covering in a fattening bull pen


ergoMILK - for the milking pit

KRAIBURG ergoMILK Gummimatte für den Melker in der MelkgrubeKRAIBURG ergoMILK - rubber mat for the milker in the milking pit


WINGFLEX - innovative comfort lying mat: 6 cm thick and without foam

KRAIBURG WINGFLEX innovative Komfort-Liegematte mit Flügelprofil, ganz ohne SchaumstoffKRAIBURG WINGFLEX - comfort cubicle mat with wing profile in the dairy cow house


ergoBOARD - the first brisket board made of rubber

KRAIBURG ergoBOARD -  die erste Bugschwelle im Milchviehstall aus GummiKRAIBURG ergoBOARD -  brisket board made of rubber in the dairy cow house

Facility expansion

Start of the new produciton unit "Press 17" with a further expansion of the production capacity of 300,000 m²


New technology of LongLine-production (lying mats as continuous roll)

Start of the first two "LongLine"-presses

KRAIBURG LongLine-production line (lying mats as continous rolls)

New products

KKM LongLine
KRAIBURG KKM LongLine lying mat as continous roll made of rubber


KIM LongLine

KRAIBURG KIM LongLine lying mat as continous roll made of rubber

Sales / Export

First farm project sold to China3,500 m² KURA walking area mats in the milking center for 6,600  cows


New products

KURA Flush / SUN - for flushing manure removal respectively direct solar radiation

KRAIBURG KURA Flush SUN - Laufflächenmatte aus Gummi speziell für Flushing-Entmistung bzw. direkte SonneneinstrahlungKRAIBURG KURA Flush walking area mat made of rubber for flushing-manure removal in the dairy cow house


maxiBOX - for the elevated deep litter cubicle

KRAIBURG maxiBOX Gummibelag System für TiefboxenKRAIBURG maxiBOX - rubber mat system for the elevated deep litter cubicle



Products for camels
KRAIBURG Gummimatten für Kamele


Soft Bed LongLine – the classic "Soft Bed System" from 1996 is reissued

KRAIBURG Weichbett LongLine Bahnensystem für Liegeboxen im Milchviehstall


KE LongLine

KRAIBURG KE LongLine Bahnenware für Liegeboxen für Rinder


Sales / Export

First container delivered to Brasil

KRAIBURG rubber mats in a dairy cow house in Brasil


New products

KARERA - walking area mat for basic comfort
KRAIBURG KARERA Laufgangmatte aus Gummi für Basis-Komfort


maxiBOARD - brisket board
KRAIBURG maxiBOARD Bugschwelle aus GummiKRAIBURG maxiBOARD brisket board made or rubber in the dairy cow house


VITA - for calving pen / selection area

KRAIBURG VITA - 3-schichtiges Mattensystem für die AbkalbeboxKRAIBURG VITA - 3-layer mat system in the calving pen


Start at the new stock and dispatch center with adequate hall in the industrial area Tittmoning-Mayerhofen

KRAIBURG Elastik stock and dispatch in Tittmoning-Mayerhofen, 2013

The big new hub with space for 250,000 m² rubber mats


New products

profiKURA - walking area mat for optimized claw abrasion
KRAIBURG profiKURA Stallmatte aus Gummi für gleichmäßigen Klauenabrieb bei MilchkühenKRAIBURG profiKURA rubber mat for optimized claw abrasion
KIM - the lying area covering KIM LongLine is now also available as single mat

KRAIBURG KIM lying mat made of rubber for dairy cows


New products

profiKURA S - tailor-made slatted floor covering for optimized claw abrasion

KRAIBURG profiKURA S - tailor-made slatted floor covering made of rubber for optimized claw abrasion

WELA LongLine - 5 cm thick, innovative continuous system with sensational softness

KRAIBURG WELA LongLine continuous system for dairy cow cubicles

Big facility expansion

new KRAIBURG production hall

New 2-storey production hall with

  • LongLine-production (lying mats as continuous rolls)
  • new water jet cutting unit (number 6)

relocation of the parking lot and

expansion of the storage area by 3,000 m² 


LongLine production units at KRAIBURGwater jet cutting units at KRAIBURG

left picture: "LongLine"-production line; right picture: water jet cutting unit

slope fixation with a "pile wall" and relocation of the parking lotnew parking lot for KRAIBURG employees as terrace on top of the slope

Slope fixation with a huge pile wall and relocation of the parking lot as a terrace on top of the slope

expanded storage area for KRAIBURG animal house mats along the big pile wall

Expanded storage area along the "pile wall"

Sales / Export

The "Ferdinandshof" farm (Europe´s biggest fattening bull farm) fills the 10,000 m² with further 2,000 m².


New generation of slat mats – with slope towards the slit

KURA SB - for fattening of veal calves & beef calves in pens

KRAIBURG KURA SB Spaltenbodenauflage aus Gummi für Kälbermast und Fressererzeugung in BuchtenhaltungKRAIBURG KURA SB slatted floor covering made of rubber with slope towards the slit in a beef calf pen

LOSPA SB - for fattening bulls and heifers in pens

KRAIBURG LOSPA SB Spaltenbodenauflage aus Gummi für Bullenmast und weibliche Jungrinder in BuchtenhaltungKRAIBURG LOSPA SB slatted floor covering made of rubber in fattening bull pens

New products

LOMAX - perforated mat for muddy soil

KRAIBURG LOMAX Lochmatte zur Stabilisierung von matschigen NaturbodenKRAIBURG LOMAX perforated rubber mat stabilizes natural soil for example on pasture

MONTA - for steep passages

KRAIBURG MONTA Gummi-Matte für steile WegeKRAIBURG MONTA rubber mat gives the cow foothold when walking on steep passages 

TARSA receives DLG innovation award in silver

KRAIBURG TARSA lying mat for dairy cows with special tarsal zone receives DLG innovation award 2016

Sales / Export

Large-scale project in Minnesota, USA

KIM LongLine for 70,000 cows: 40,000 m² KIM LongLine delivered by the end of 2017


New products

WELA – the popular comfort lying area covering (continuous system) is now also available as single mat

KRAIBURG WELA - Liegematte aus Gummi für Milchvieh


TARSA – lying mat with special tarsal zone, awarded with the DLG innovation award, goes into serial production

KRAIBURG TARSA die Liegematte mit spezieller Tarsalzone für MilchküheKRAIBURG TARSA lying mat with special tarsal zone in dairy cow cubicles 


Facility expansion

Start of the new production unit "Press 18"
  • state-of-the-art ventilation technology
  • low-noise electrical systems 
  • heat recovery for cooling the large control cabinets
  • capacity expansion of 700,000 m²: production capacity increases to 2.5 million m² / year

KRAIBURG Fertigungsanlage für Stallmatten


New product

POLSTA - the deep bedded cubicle cushion

KRAIBURG POLSTA - das Tiefboxkissen aus GummiKRAIBURG POLSTA - the deep litter cubicle cushion made of rubber for dairy cows


50 years KRAIBURG in Tittmoning 

  • KRAIBURG delivers goods to 71 countries of all continents. Including countries like Mongolia, Colombia, Mexico, Kenya, Vietnam, Qatar, ...
  • We celebrate the anniversary with an open day and a big summer party

KRAIBURG Elastik premises in Tittmoning, 2018

KRAIBURG Elastik premises, 2018


kraiburg icon plant based oil as plasticizerOur contribution to sustainability, environmental protection and health

KRAIBURG uses plant based oil as plasticizer

Instead of mineral plasticizer oils, we now use vegetable oils from European cultivation.




KRAIBURG rubber flooring is continuously monitored by the DLG and PAK harmlessWe have been the first company to pass the DLG quality audit with flying colours. Both the entire production process and the environmental compatibility (PAH harmless) will now continue to be tested regularly.


New generation of emission reducing walking area mats

With slope, softness and grip -> for dry claws


EMIRA - ammonia emission reducing slat mat made of rubber - for dry walking alleys and healthy clawsOur new EMIRA slat mat achieves a 47 % reduction in ammonia emissions in practical tests in the Netherlands!


KRAIBURG rubber mats are DIN compliantNew DIN standard for elastic barn flooring for cattle 

To be compliant with the new DIN 3763, products must meet certain standards regarding durability (e.g. abrasion resistance) and animal welfare (e.g. slip resistance). All our products meet these standards.

KRAIBURG digital

Our new website goes live after a comprehensive relaunch. Now you can also find us on  and



Presented for the first time at EuroTier digital:

cow mattress KEW Plus in new optionsThe ever-popular KEW Plus mattress system is now also available as a Solo or LongLine version



profiKURA 3D rubber mat with integrated slope on walking alleysprofiKURA 3D with emission reducing slope simply through a rubber mat





An era comes to an end - WSA 1 becomes WSA 7

new era in production technology with water jet cutting of rubber mats

After 21 years of service, over 4 million square metres and 15,000 km of cutting performance, we are saying goodbye to our waterjet cutting unit "WSA 1" into its well-deserved retirement. When it started in 2000, it heralded a completely new era in production technology for us: for the first time, we were able to customize our mats for slatted floors individually and customer-specifically.

Today, we have 6 of these waterjet cutting units, and the "WSA 7" is being launched to replace the number 1.